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upEnigma Issue 6: Contents
Late Spring 1995

 · Pauls regular editorial comment.

Getting out of Jail
 · A very intriguing article by David Icke, on how we can start thinking for ourselves and step out of the 'hassle free zone'.

 · Lord Clancarty, who died just prior to this issue being published.

Odds & Ends
 · A couple of miscellaneous snippets

The Earth after the Human Race has Ended
 · A poem by Mavis Vigay

Roswell Autopsy Film Report
 · George Wingfield casts a critical eye over the 'famous' Roswell Autopsy film that producer Ray Santilli discovered.

Timeline of the Roswell Event (part 2)
 · Our concluding look at the events and people surrounding the Roswell event.

Crop Circles: Is there a meaning?
 · A continuing look into the philosophy of the crop circle mystery.

Thomas Paine is still Wanted Dead or Alive in England
 · Michael Roll takes a brief look at the life of the Englishman, most 'Powers that be' would prefer never existed!

Apollo 11: The Missing Two Minutes
 · Is there any truth in this radio transmission that some amateurs detected whilst Apollo 11 was 'out of radio contact'?

Crop Circle update
 · A last look and update on the 1995 crop circle season.

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