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upEnigma Issue 6: Editorial
by Paul Vigay | 1st Jun 1995

Hello and welcome to another edition of Enigma. The hot news (and discussion) at the moment is the alleged Roswell autopsy film which has been discovered. There is an up-to-date report on page 8, but no doubt even more discoveries will have been made by the time of the next issue.

I think 1995 will be a turning point in the crop circle mystery. I feel much more positive than last year and have improved enthusiasm this year. I feel that some of the spirituality of previous years - which unfortunately seemed to diminish last year - is starting to return.

I also believe that the various research projects underway by various researchers are now leading us somewhere. Dr Levengood is continuing to carry out research into the biological anomalies that have been detected. Steve 'Gizmo' Clementson seems to be getting some interesting results with the latest version of his famous 'gizmo' and I have been fine-tuning my own 'gizmo' (see Enigma 1).

My personal feelings sense that radio anomalies are worth researching. In previous years I have detected various levels of radio (RF) interference in some formations. Although I haven't discovered what frequencies are being affected or detected, I'm sure this could be along the right lines (un-hoaxable too).

The hoaxers have once again demonstrated that they are irrelevant to the true phenomenon. Word gets to me that a number of the 'so-called' leading hoaxers have agreed a pact not to create any formations in Wiltshire this year.

What rubbish! Formations have already appeared in Wiltshire. Will they claim someone else copied them, or will they sit back hoping we believe them and assume that all formations are genuine. Again they try to confuse and deceive. I for one, am ignoring their 'pact'. One thing is certain though, the latest formation on the A4 near Cherhill is sufficiently good to arouse their interest - if their pact is true and they weren't responsible.

I think things are beginning to happen. There has certainly been more and more media interest in the subject of UFOs and crop circles. Look at the popularity of programmes such as The X-Files for proof.

Just as the hundredth monkey begins to believe in the things that are happening in the world around us, so we enter a new age of enlightenment, whether the sceptics of this world like it or not.

Just like the Berlin Wall, the wall of secrecy and deceit is about to fall, and I'm booking a front seat to sit and watch.


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