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upEnigma Issue 5: Contents
Spring 1995
Sorry. back issues of the printed version are now sold out.

 · Pauls regular editorial comment.

Crop Circle Research for 1995
 · Paul outlines his research project for 1995 and provides the circuit of his 'gizmo'.

CSETI Fieldwork Report 1994
 · A look at some of CSETI's field research carried out during the 1994 crop circle season, including an account of an ET encounter at Silbury Hill

Poem - by Mavis Vigay
 · Another poem by crop circle enthusiast Mavis Vigay

News Snippets
 · Our regular roundup of news and reports from around the world.

Archive UFO Report
 · 21st Jun 1947 - just before Roswell !

Timeline of the Roswell Event (part 1)
 · We take a detailed analysis of the times and events surrounding the Roswell event.

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