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upEnigma Issue 5: Editorial
by Paul Vigay | 25th Feb 1995

Welcome to 1995. I hope that everyone had a good Christmas and is looking forward to the 1995 season. Usually, the winters are fairly quiet times for crop circle resarch. Not so this year. I am surprised at the amount of action still occurring; not in the fields, but behind closed doors. No, not secretive undercover MI5 activity, but enthusiastic croppies planning their tactics for 1995.

Personally, I've taken the last couple of months to re-assess the scene and plan my own research project for the months ahead. Unfortunately (I don't know whether to take it as a compliment or an insult) I have been the target for a number of crop circle sceptics to fire a series of untrue allegations, for if I posed no threat to their debunking tactics, surely they would simply ignore my 'misguided' claims of enthusiasm over what they have claimed is one big hoax.

Meanwhile, Paul Fuller, sceptical editor of "The Crop Watcher" has been interviewing a couple of 'deep throat' sources, (Crop Watcher issue 23) who claim to have been watching me on my trips down to Wiltshire. It seems that Fuller's source reports back on whom I choose to drink with in The Barge public house.

Perhaps 'deep throat' should take lessons in socialising his/herself instead of spying on other people?
In order to solve the continuing crop circle mystery one must travel many paths and if that includes sociable interviews and chatting over "a few drinks" then count me in.

Suffice to say, it sems to me that 'deep throat' is as far away from reality as we are from solving the crop circle enigma.

The road to truth is not always smooth and we must tread carefully so as to avoid misinformers digging holes and dropping rocks to block our path.

However, I feel more positive than ever this year. Not only do UFOs and paranormal subjects still frequent news bulletins and TV programmes, I feel people are becoming more aware of the subject. Whether or not there is some international government conspiracy to keep us all in the dark, we must keep on asking questions and making sure that awkward answers are not swept under the carpet of secrecy.


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