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upEnigma Issue 4: Editorial
by Paul Vigay | 1st Oct 1994

As the 1994 crop circle season has finally drawn to a close, we are once again filled with a renewed sense of mystery and awe. Although there has undoubtedly been widespread and organised hoaxing going on, at the end of the day we are still left with a major scientific puzzle as to the origins of the genuine circles.

It's all too easy for sceptics to sit at home and 'claim' that all formations are merely hoaxes. This is the easy claim that cowards make when they don't want to face the consequences of what the genuine phenomenon could mean to the people of this planet.

Until you have witnessed first hand the anomalous effects and sightings surrounding the crop circles it is difficult to comprehend what drives the 'crackpot croppies'. Until you have electronic equipment malfunction, experience headaches or nausea, witness anomalous aerial phenomena or just visit a crop formation, you can have no concept of the genuine mystery.

If you think to yourself, "well it's all one big hoax. I've read about Doug and Dave etc etc", while you sit in the comfort of your down-to-earth armchair then my message to you is: "GET UP AND THINK FOR YOURSELF. EXAMINE THE EVIDENCE AND RE-ASSESS THE PHENOMENON.

The hoaxers know that their days are numbered - unless they want to waste countless more hours and expense, travelling around the country - all for a bit of a laugh.

I think that despite the desperate antics of the hoaxers, the genuine message from the circle-makers is still getting through. It's a ladder of communication. The circles are talking to our inner consciousness; the inner mind that has been lost through the ages.

As we climb up the ladder of cosmic awareness, inevitably a few people will encounter problems and challenges along the way and fall back a few rungs. However, by perseverance and tolerance we continue to climb up.

There is no race. Why should there be? By thoughtful progress, each of us travels the ladder of communication at our own rate. There is no prize for the first person to the top. Is there even a top? How do we know when we get there? What will we see when we get there?

The answers to these questions lie within the grasp of all of us. The only difference is the scenery we each see along the way. For some it's deceit and destruction. For others it's enlightenment and spiritual freedom.

In which category do you belong?


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