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upEnigma Issue 3: The Reason Why Randi Banned the Physicis Sam Nicholls from British Television
by Michael Roll | Summer 1994

Many readers will remember James Randi's six part television series on the paranormal. In fact, those with a scientific knowledge of survival after death, and are fighting for a fair balance on the means of mass communication, have good reason to be grateful for this appallingly biased series.

This is just one of our many aces of trumps that we hold up when we are accused of being paranoid when we tell people about the establishment conspiracy that exists to make sure our qualified physicists are never allowed on television, radio or to write in the press in order to present the secular - non religious - case for survival after death. Thanks solely to one journalist with guts, Gary Bushell writing in The Sun, millions found out in one go that the Randi series was a hatchet job on the paranormal, and not the balanced investigation that we were led to believe. Gary asked why there were no scientists on Randi's programmes "who claim there is a rational case for belief in life after death". He went on to say:-

"Why have their arguments been kept off TV? I hear that comments from astrophysicist Sam Nicholls were cut from the show on mediums. Why?"

Materialists' fear
This is because the James Randi's of this world, who are always given complete freedom of all the means of mass communication, only take on soft targets. A qualified physicist of the calibre of Sam Nicholls would take Randi's pal, the parapsychologist Dr. Susan Blackmore, to the cleaners and back. Blackmore only presents the materialists' case for paranormal phenomena - when you're dead, you're dead. In spite of this disgraceful media set-up, whenever a phone-in poll takes place the result is always about 80% to 20% in favour of survival. Just imagine what it would be like if the public were allowed to see our own qualified physicists taking on Blackmore on television or hearing them take her apart on the radio. This can only happen if ordinary people who do not like being taken for a ride rise up against this tyranny, and demand that we are given a philosophical balance in Great Britain. Do nothing and the professional wreckers win.
The following quote from Silver Birch is what terrifies the thought police who control what the people are allowed to have access to:-

"Now your world has seen the havoc wrought and the benefits that can be obtained by nuclear fission. The basis of materialism has been split altogether; the indissoluble atom has been dissolved. Scientists accept that matter is not solid, and that reality is to be found in the invisible."

Scientific gift
Young astrophysicists like Sam Nicholls and Mike Scott have a gift for translating all these complicated discoveries in subatomic physics into layman's language. Once they manage to crash through the establishment barriers, and can speak to millions, then the whole, corrupt shooting-match collapses. The materialists will be swept away on a tide of public opinion, and the people will no longer have to just rely on having faith or a belief in life after death once they are armed with the crushing, scientific proof of survival. An awful lot of highly paid "experts" will be made to look very silly indeed, hence the media ban.

Presenting the evidence
I have been touring the country from Glasgow in the North to Swansea in the West; Great Yarmouth in the East and Bournemouth in the South presenting the suppressed physicists' and rationalists' case for survival after death. I have been talking to packed lecture halls, and even managed to get on some local radio stations where the Religious Affairs Departments are losing their grip. I only hit the audience with what has been proved, but suppressed; that we have the experimental proof of survival after death, and that we now have the missing mathematics showing where the so-called next world is. All the materialists, who are not bigots, immediately come with us just so long as I stick to scientific facts. However, at question time I am forced to switch over to talk about the hearsay that comes through from people in the etheric wavelengths. This is when I hold up my Silver Birch books. This etheric philosopher answers the questions much better than I can. He appeals to peoples' common sense when he says "If I offend your reason or insult your intelligence, then reject what I am saying".

It is understandable that people with no previous, scientific knowledge regarding survival are hungry for immediate answers to all their questions. Unlike those of us on the scientific side, they are not prepared to wait until they get to the next world to find out what it is like. We accept things, reject things, and what we are not too sure about, we put in our pending tray waiting for scientific clarification. It is the stuff in this pending tray that Silver Birch deals with so well - what is it like in the next world? What do we do there? Do we come back to earth? etc. etc. Thank goodness for Silver Birch, because I give his answers at question time, but making it very clear that we do not have the scientific proof to back up what he is saying yet. This satisfies the scientists in the audience, and guarantees that I am swamped at the end of my talk with people taking details of how to get Silver Birch books.

Fight to win!
There is a vast conspiracy between religionists, materialists and para-psychologists, all fighting together in a desperate attempt to block uncomfortable discoveries in subatomic physics. Those fighting to break this tyranny can win, but as the Duke of Wellington said at Waterloo, "It is hard pounding, we shall see who can pound the hardest."

Send for the pamphlet "Has Science Confirmed Survival" by J.J.Snyder. This contains a list of the suppressed scientific books. It is free of charge to every person who sends a stamped addressed envelope to Michael Roll, 28 Westerleigh Road, Downend, Bristol BS16 6AH.


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