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upEnigma Issue 3: UFO Sighting - Knap Hill
by Paul Vigay | 12th Jun 1994

Date: Sunday 12th June 1994
Time: 2am - 3am

As the summer months begin to arrive, I hope to be out most weekends, investigating and researching crop formations and participating in night watches at certain key locations throughout Wiltshire and Hampshire. The first such weekend in which anomalous sightings were witnessed is now described.

It was just past 2am when Myself, Janet Seal and Andy Batey arrived at the small lay-by between Knap Hill and Adam's Grave. We prepared ourselves in order to watch the fields and view towards Tawsmead Copse and Woodborough Hill. I was telling Andy how I had witnessed bright lights appearing above Woodborough Hill on previous night watches. We consulted a large scale map for a few minutes before I looked up to notice a bright white light appear in the direction of Woodborough Hill. We both tried to work out what it could be and decided that it must be a distant car headlamp - although it didn't seem to be moving.

After about 15-20 seconds it blinked out and we were left wondering what it had been. Lo-and-behold, about 20 seconds later, it re-appeared in exactly the same position. At this point we become more puzzled and Andy said that perhaps it wasn't a headlamp. Again, after 20 or so seconds it went out. The whole incident was repeated three times. A red light was then seen in exactly the same position, which also appeared on and off three times. The most likely explanation is probably that of a car turning around, initially showing its headlamps, followed by its rear lights. However, the whole event lasted some ten minutes which is a rather long time for a car to be turning around - at 2.30am. Also, the line of sight, although dark, seemed to coincide with Woodborough Hill - an area where there are no public roads. During the appearance of the white lights - incidentally much brighter than any car headlamps we did see - it also seemed to 'wobble' up and down - another impossible motion for a car.

Andy then returned home, whilst Jan and I re-positioned the car at the end of the Knap Hill car park for our continuing night-watch. All was quiet until just after 3.00am, when I noticed an orange 'light' above Woodborough Hill to the South. I woke Jan up, who also witnessed it. After a while, three slightly dimmer lights appeared below and slightly to the left. As it is sometimes difficult to judge angles and heights in the dark I made a note of the angles using the car door frame and a nearby barbed wire fence as a reference.

Whilst we watched the orange lights two went out and a further light appeared, then the original, brighter, light went out. Simultaneously, five lights appeared just below. This strange 'light-show' lasted some five minutes, whilst I hastily set up the camera equipment and tripod. Repeatedly lights would come on for 10-20 seconds and then go out, whilst others would come on. In all there seemed to be approximately six different positions that the lights appeared in.

However, just as I finished setting up the camera equipment, all lights instantly blinked out - almost as if whatever was controlling them didn't want me to photograph the event. I carried on monitoring the horizon for another half hour or so, but no lights re-appeared.

The following morning I made careful analysis of where the lights had been, using the car door and fence. The lights had been immediately above Woodborough Hill, seemingly 50 or so feet from the ground. If it was hoaxers, they certainly seemed highly organised and capable of staging a very elaborate hoax, especially as Woodborough Hill is approximately one mile from the nearest road. This sighting remains unexplained!


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