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upEnigma Issue 3: An addition to Mrs Mavis Vigay's photographic report in Issue 1
by Sylvia Clarke | Summer 1994

I would like to report an incident which preceded that of Mavis Vigay's account of the ball of light which was seen and appeared in a photograph taken at the party held on August 22nd 1991. (See Enigma issue 1) I am the friend who saw the ball of light.

That day started wet and miserable. Very disappointing, for considerable effort had gone into the preparation for the evening's event. As circle dancing on the lawn had been arranged we were concerned that even if the rain stopped, the grass might still be too wet for the purpose. The party was being held in honour of the Living Earth, so I felt that some concentrated thought on the rain moving away would not be wasted. Without more ado, Mavis and I stood facing each other holding hands and to the best of our abilities, willed that the evening should be fine and dry. Then we both heard a buzzing, crackling noise (resembling the sounds reported in some crop formations) which seemed to be coming from somewhere in the confines of the garden. We also felt a presence as if we were being watched.

The rain continued sporadically for most of the day but by evening the skies cleared and miraculously the grass was not too wet for the dancing!

In the published photograph, I am looking skywards (the one wearing a crop circle tee-shirt) and it is my belief that it was taken just after I had seen the ball of light. It had appeared to float at first, then suddenly sped away, disappearing over and behind the trees in the garden.

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