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upEnigma Issue 24: Book Review
Crop Circles: A Pitkin Guide, by Lucy Pringle | Reviewed by Paul Vigay, Spring 2004
ISBN 1-84165-138-9
Price £3.50

Here's another fabulous little book from Lucy Pringle. Designed to be a brief summary of the continuing crop circle phenomenon, it's packed a surprising amount of information into its slim 32 pages. Every one of it's glossy pages features full colour photographs from Lucy's extensive photographic library of aerial and ground photos of British crop formations.

Lucy's photos really are superb and not only capture the atmosphere and 'energy' in the crop circles but she also has a rare artistic ability to capure subsidary images in a unique way, as anyone who has seen her yearly calendars can confirm.

The book consists of a number of consise sections covering such diverse topics as ancient evidence for crop circles, including the infamous 'Mowing Devil' event of 1678, ancient Chinese beliefs and ancestral monuments in the landscape.

She goes on to describe many of the current research projects being carried out by researchers around the world, including geometrical analysis, geophysical effects and eye-witness 'vortex' events.

Lucy's own research projects include human and phsiological effects and a different experiences and anecdotal stories are explained in excellent detail. From mysterious humming noises to hair standing on end and the breakdown of mechanical aparatus and electronic devices are all explained.

No modern book on crop circles would be complete without a mention of the elaborate and impressive 'pixelated' designs of 2001 and 2002. The Chilbolton 'face' and 'Arecibo reply' formations and the 'Crabwood Alien' design. Again, the text is illustrated by Lucy's amazing aerial photos. Photo reproduction throughout the book is excellent, with vibrant colours and sharp, crisp images printed on high quality glossy paper.

Priced at an amazing bargain price of £3.50, I have no hesitation in wholeheartedly recommending this booklet as an essential addition to any crop circle library. It's also cheap enough to buy a few extra to use as impromptu or last minute birthday presents for people. The concise and well written writing style, coupled with the overall design and production will impress even the sceptical of readers.

Highly recommended!

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