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upEnigma Issue 24: Pauls Lecture at the Dorchester Conference 2004
A brief summary of the lecture I did at David Kingston's Dorchester Crop Circle Conference on 4th April 2004

"Crop Circles: The Real-Life Adventure"

As always there is never really enough time within one hour in order to cover the vast, interlinking research projects I've been involved in over my years of crop circle research. For 2004's annual Dorchester Conference I thought I'd provide a summary of the real-life adventure I've been on since I became involved with crop circle research. By no means would the lecture be exhaustive or explain everything, but I prefer to give an overall 'holistic' view of intertwining threads of sychronicity so that people can ask questions and feel inspired to delve further into the areas that interest them.

I'd prepared a slideshow presentation which would illustrate numerous aspects of the research I've been involved in throughout the past fourteen years, in addition to providing some food for additional thought.


Starting during the time period of 1989/1990 I explained why I thought that this was a significant period in time, one that saw a large number of people 'waking up' around the world. Think back to see if you can remember any life-changing or momentous events which took place in your life around 1989 and 1990. This time period was in fact part of a regular cycle, in turn part of a longer cycle. The first significant one however is an eleven year cycle - meaning that possibly similar changes occurred during 2000/2001.
I referred to people 'waking up' because that's what I believe they were doing. This is not to say that anyone is further ahead, or more awake spiritually than anyone else. Just like the dawning day, some people awaken at 5am whereas some awaken at 8am or later. Eventually however, everyone wakes up and looks around them. Now imagine, the entire planet moving on its course through the Galaxy. Just as the Earth revolves around the Sun, so our Solar System travels around the Galaxy. We we move from the Age of Pisces into the Age of Aquarius, so people are starting to wake up....

I started out fairly sceptical, with a scientific background in physics and computing. A number of personal experiences convinced me there were more to the strange crop circles in the fields than the media and government would like us to think. My natural curious mind wanted more answers, so I thought the only way I would find them was if I started to investigate the subject personally. I explained about my 'gizmo'.


In 1991 designs started getting more complex. We started to see fractals for the first time including a huge Mandelbrot set (see photo) which appeared near Cambridge - the home of Benoit Mandelbrot. This formation was interesting because the Mandelbrot Set is a recognisable human mathematical discovery. It would not appear through random wind damage or natural phenomenon. It has intelligence behind it. Therefore, this formation has to either be a hoax or a message from intelligent circlemakers. What I mean by this is that if you assume the formation is not just the work of silly pranksters, then it is undisputed proof of some kind of intelligent entity - ET?

Another very significant formation appeared in 1991, just below the ancient hill fort at Barbury Castle, South of Swindon in Wiltshire. This formation consisted of a number of concentric circles inscribed about a large triangle with a different design arranged about each extending point.

1991, Barbury Castle

From my background in computer graphics, I immediately saw the possibilities of converting this design into three dimensions, forming a kind of three dimensional tetrahedron. Could the crop circles be a mere 'footprint' of a higher dimensional 'entity' or consciousness?
In my lecture I briefly explained 'Flatland', as written about in 1884 by Edwin Abbott in his book "Flatland: A Romance of many Dimensions" and explained some of the theories previously proposed in my Circular Dimensions theory. I then showed a couple of slides, demonstrating how a higher dimensional 'craft' could enter our three dimensional world and leave a 'footprint' for us to see.

1991, Alton Priors 'key' formation, and showing 3D spherical overlay.

Again, referencing my Circular Dimensions theory, I explained how you have completely unlimited and free movement within a lower dimension than the one you're in. Therefore, a three dimensional being would have unlimited access to the second dimension (see diagram left), whereas a traveller in four dimensions would have total and unlimited movement in our '3D' universe, including performing manoeuvres which would appear, and indeed be, impossible to us.

Of course, being three dimensional creatures ourselves, it's sometimes difficult to visualise dimensions that are outside our visible or comprehendable perspective. If you examine the diagram on the left again, you can see how a three dimensional person can perform 'impossible' movements when viewed from a two dimensional viewpoint. For example, it's impossible to travel between the two red dots without crossing a border, if you're a two dimensional creature. However, a three dimensional creature can 'step out of' two dimensions, entering the third and thus easily avoid inpenitrable barriers in the second dimension.
Take this a step forward and imagine a four-dimensional entity having complete and total freedom of movement in three dimensions. A four dimensional person could walk through walls and even other people in our dimension. A four dimensional person could "reach into" a three dimensional one in order to perform surgery or remove infection. I am currently involved in ongoing research into these areas....

Unfortunately, possibly because of these new discoveries and theories, 1991 was also the year of FUD - Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt. Was a cover-up looming....?

September 9th, 1991. Doug and Dave - Men Who Conned The World, or did they?

1991 was the year in which The Today newspaper had their infamous headline announcing to the world that Doug and Dave, two sexagenarians, were the "Men Who Conned The World". News rapidly spread around the world and overnight the vast majority of the world's population lost interest in the crop circles. However, having actually been involved in crop circles research, I immediately saw through the media sham and flaws in their claims. I immediately wrote a letter to The Today newspaper, offering my services as an independent scientific researcher who had verifiable proof that Doug and Dave's claims were not entirely what they seemed. I even offered to demonstrate for them how anomalies have been detected in the fields.
I didn't even receive a reply, let alone them 'calling my bluff' and asking to see a demonstration. No doubt they were worried in case Doug and Dave couldn't replicate their claims (later confirmed by an Australian TV company who tried to film Doug and Dave making a formation, before they 'pulled out' - all caught on camera).
It's my feeling that this was the start of a worldwide coverup campaign to discredit crop circles and related phenomenon. After all, the 'powers that be' don't want the population thinking for themselves and being 'free' (indeed, just look at events in the world since I gave this lecture - Western countries are turning more and more into controlled 'police states').
Doug and Dave's claims were all rather empty and didn't stand up to detailed examination, so I moved back to my own research.


1992 was the year of Colin Andrew's Operation Whitecrow experience and I explained my own analysis of the sounds he recorded.

During this period I was also becoming increasingly interested in the sound and harmonic aspects of crop circles. Pythagoras spoke of the Harmony of the Spheres. Johannes Kepler described the movement of the heavens as a harmony. Sound is a vibration. Vibration is comprised of frequencies. Frequencies interact with hyperspace. More on hyperspace later....

Meanwhile.... 4th December 1993 and conspiracies are afoot...

4th Dec 1993 - threatening communication from Circlevision

I described my encounter with John and Jayne Macnish at a UFO talk in London, and the ensuing correspondence I had with them - in itself enough for an entire article.
I also showed a colour version of a black and white photo in John's book "Crop Circle Apocalypse" that Jayne had given me. I'm possibly the only person other than the Macnish's who have a colour version of this photo. I pointed out a few things which intrigued me. Perhaps any professional photographers would care to comment?

According to the text on page 151 of "Crop Circle Apocalypse" this photo was taken with a Nikon f1.2 lens, with 3200 ISO film and a five minute exposure at night, with no moon.
The things that initially puzzled me was the spectrum of colour displayed in the photo, especially as 3200 ISO film has a very low reciprocity value, meaning that colours at opposing ends of the spectrum tend to drop off dramatically or shift, in what's known as reciprocity failure. This photo seems to have a wide variation of greens as well as reds in it. The other thing that intrigues me about it is the apparent shadow falling on the cop in the tramlines. The view in the picture is facing northwest, so the left of the photo is southwest and the right is northeast. As the crop is highlighted on the left of the tramline it would appear that the source of light is coming from the right of the image - which would not be the case if the photo was taken at night, after the sun has set in the west (left of image). My initial thought was that this photo was taken very early in the morning?
Click on the thumbnail image for a full size version (opens in a new window)
Did Doug and Dave merely add to an existing formation? We shall probably never know.


More fuel was added to the conspiracy theories, with Colin Andrews being approached by 'Men in Black' (described in his "Crop Circles: Signs of Contact" book) and farmers started destroying crop formations after being sighted chatting to known hoaxers five minutes beforehand....
Meanwhile research continued.

By now, there were several areas of research that I had become involved in, each inextricably linked in some way.
 • Sacred Geometry and Design - the genuine formations seemed very precise in the geometry and shape they were conferring in us.
 • Sound and Harmonics - there seemed to be a strong link with this to crop circles. It was my aim to investigate further and find out why, and how.
 • Electromagnetic Anomalies - a measurable disturbance in the electromagnetic spectrum in and around crop formations, returning to normal after a few days. Was there some kind of hyper-dimensional 'energy' vortex created around crop circles, or as a by-product of the entity that made them?
 • Spiritual Awareness/Life Enhancement - Everyone who has come into contact with crop circles has been profoundly affected or changed in some way. Are they merely waking up to a new level of consciousness in the world, or are crop circles a catalyst to spiritual development?

Starting with sacred geometry, I was introduced to Professor Gerald Hawkins in 1993 and started investigating his theories myself - research which continues to this day. Back in 1992 he proposed several "Crop Circle Theorems" based on Euclidian geometry. Although a full explanation of his theorems was beyond the scope of this lecture, I briefly explained the first theorem via several slides which demonstrated the relationship between the sides (tangents) of circles positioned in triads.

Three circles.

A tangental line touching all three circles.

Another tangental line touching all three circles.

And a final one, completing the triangle and forming a small triangle in the centre.

If you now join the three centres, forming an equilateral triangle, it will perfectly circumscribe the triangle formed by the three tangents.

If you now join the tips of the inclosed equilateral triangle by another circle, the ratio to the original circles is 4:3 - a diatonic ratio and the same as the ratio between the musical notes middle C and F.

I then showed slides demonstrating theorems two to four.

In 1995 the circlemakers further demonstrated their knowledge of advanced Euclidian geometry in the form of equispaced concentric circles.
The fifth theorem was only conjecture but it could now be proven. Not only that, but it encompassed the first four theorems too. To give a full explanation of the fifth theorem is outside the scope of this lecture, but will be explained in more detail in a separate article.

I then described Gerald's Diatonic Ratio theory describing the relationship between the white notes on a piano, and their relationship to crop formations. Ongoing research in the area of musical notes in relation to crop circles was the initial inspiration behind my project to convert crop circle images back into musical tones and to listen to the sounds created.

In 1994 I started having some very vivid dreams, often continuing over several nights and repeating the original message. The first was one talking of a great flood and contact with ETs visiting Earth. The second was set in ancient Egypt and revealed some clues of how to find and enter the legendary Hall of Records. I believe this involves passing a form of initiation or test of intention and is on a spiritual level as well as a physical level.

Illustrations of my two dream sequences.

It was around this time that I started broadening my research to include other ancient mysteries and wisdom, including connections - both spiritual and physical - to ancient Mayan temples, the Egyptian Pyramids and other sacred sites around the globe. It's my belief that these sacred sites are very precise in their positioning, known by both the ancient civilisations as well as the modern-day US government, who have 'coincidentally' positioned many of their military bases on these 'Earth Grid Points'.
Are certain sacred sites 'Stargates' to other dimensions? This would explain energy vortexes, more concentrated UFO sightings around them and also their ability to 'attract' crop formations.


1996 was the year of the 'DNA' or 'waveform' pattern in East Field (Alton Barnes, Wiltshire) as well as the year I received some odd phone calls....

The 'DNA' formation which appeared in East Field, Alton Barnes on 17th June 1996

I relayed for the first time publicly at Dorchester, a weird experience I had concerning the 'DNA' formation and my research into it's possible meanings. I visited this formation on the day it appeared, which was the 17th June 1996. I was one of the first people to measure it accurately and produce an accurate, scale diagram. I also got some interesting electromagetic anomalies consisting of a very finely tuned humming signal which was detected at exactly 1500MHz (and not present at 1499.990 MHz or 1500.001 MHz, indicating a very precisely tuned 'signal'). This signal was detectable for the entire length of the formation, orientated in a north/south direction and extended for approx 50 feet either side of the formation, dropping off quite rapidly so that 50' out in the crop there was no signal detectable on my equipment.

I returned to the formation the following weekend in order to carry out more tests and also walked to the top of Adam's Grave to observe the view from the higher vantage point. It was then that I noticed that some pranksters had added a couple of extra circles towards one end of the formation, arranged a bit like Micky Mouse ears.

Left, A photo I took the following Sunday and right, an aerial photo taken by Lucy Pringle on Thursday 20th June.

I suspected that the military were interested in this formation, ever since my friend Kerry Blower was harassed by military helicopters whilst filming it. However, I never really thought much about the dates and timelines of various events surrounding this formation until I received a mysterious phone call in August (I don't remember the exact date). It came at approximately 7.45am on a Sunday morning.

Back in 1996 I didn't have a broadband connection to the internet so I chose to update my website at quiet times when less people were using the internet (and slowing down the connection) so I used to do my various updates offline and then upload them in a batch early on Sunday mornings, hopefully when everyone else was in bed. Anyway, when this phone call came, I was initially cautious of answering it because the number was displayed as 'withheld' on my caller display unit - and I don't usually answer anonymous calls. Anyway, being early on a Sunday morning, I thought it might be urgent, so I picked the phone up.

A rather aristocratic (old movie RAF type) voice asked me if I was Paul Vigay and said they were from the MOD (Ministry of Defence) and had just seen the images I had uploaded to my website. I was initially rather sceptical of this (as I didn't believe anyone from the MOD would actually phone up and admit it) and thought it was a friend or fellow crop circle researcher messing about for a joke. I decided to play along. I said "Oh right. What about them?", to which the 'person' replied that they wondered how much footage I had and whether or not you could identify the faces in the helicopter. Becoming slightly more suspicious (and also realising that most of my friends wouldn't have known I was updating my website at that precise moment, unless they were monitoring my website) I asked why they wanted to know, and said "Oh yes, there's quite a lot of detail. I've not put the whole sequence on my website" (which was true, because back then I had a limited amount of webspace available). Before allowing the voice at the other end to continue, I added "you'll be able to view the whole lot when I show it publicly at the UFO conference in Cardiff [referring to the upcoming UFO conference organised by Kerry Blower]."

Whoever it was, seemed rather agitated that I wasn't revealing how much footage I had, or what else it revealed, but obviously realised that I was either calling their bluff or was not going to give any detailed information to them. They then decided to change tack and move onto asking me questions about my research, "we see you've been investigating the crop circles for some years. In fact we've been investigating the one on your website [referring to the 'DNA' one in East Field] ourselves. That's why there was a media blackout for two weeks".

Hearing this made me prick my ears up and become rather concerned that this was no friend on a 'wind up'. I made a mental note of this comment, intending to follow it up when I was off the phone. At this point, the voice wished me well for my ongoing research and hung the phone up. I was momentarily dumbstruck at what had just happened, but then went to check my records on this formation. To my surprise I confirmed that the first mention in the media was the photo shown above, which appeared on Saturday June 29th's edition of the Daily Mail which was 12 days after discovery - pretty much two weeks, as claimed by the mystery voice on the phone. However, what struck me as even more intriguing was that I had proof that the photo they published in the paper had indeed been taken within the first three days of the arrival of the formation. How did I know this for definite?

I had visited the formation numerous times myself and viewed it on the day of creation as well as the following weekend. Pranksters had added the Micky Mouse ears, as described above, which gave me an accurate timeframe within which the various photos were taken. Had the Daily Mail received an early photo and just held onto it for nearly two weeks or had they just selected a photo they thought looked impressive? Either way, the fact the photo didn't appear for nearly two weeks and I had personally witnessed an unidentified person, claiming to be from the MOD and saying they had imposed a two week media blackout, made me even more convinced of the intrigue and continuing mystery within the crop circle subject.

More organised hoaxing

1996 was also the year of the elaborate Oliver's Castle hoax involving the balls of light moving around a field, captured on video by the elusive John Waley. Full details on this event are described in my original analysis. In my lecture I also questioned the hoaxers motives, comparing them to computer virus writers and asking what they have to hide? Do they fear something? Are they being told to make them? Is there some kind of organisation that fear the message the crop circles could give to mankind, and wish to suppress free thought amongst the population?


Left, Milk Hill 2001 and right, Chilbolton 2001 formations.

Moving more up to the current time, I gave a detailed presentation of my analysis of both the Chilbolton 'Arecibo message' formation and the elaborate Milk Hill formation. I also postulated as to whether or not the Chilbolton face and Arecibo message formations were complex hoaxes designed to distract people from the Milk Hill formation, excitedly being touted as the most impressive formation ever - until three days later when eyes re-focused on the Chilbolton events....


The alien face theme was yet again repeated in 2002, again in Hampshire and again in the vicinity of local radio masts/installations. 2002's major event was the 'alien disc' formation which appeared at Crabwood, just to the west of historical city Winchester. Again, I wrote a detailed analysis and decoding of the disc design. However, it was again my belief that this was an elaborate hoax, aimed at detracting from the true crop circles which were more subtle and contained mathematical and geometrical theorems. This formation was too blatant, 'in your face' and out of place with what I had come to understand from the genuine crop formations and their spiritual message. This view continued to be controversial but was generally agreed on by most serious crop circle researchers. I am aiming to write a more detailed article on the subtle message of crop circles, which will seek to clarify my thoughts on the code contained within them.

The Adventure of a Lifetime

Travelling down the path of crop circle research since 1989 has taken me through sacred geometry, ancient wisdom and initiation, hyper-dimensional physics, the raising of consciousness, coverups and manipulation, new physics and alternative energy, healing and cure of ailments and universal awareness and knowledge (remembrance?) so I can truly state it's been an amazing voyage of discovery, and one that has only just started. What has become apparent is the huge nature of the interlocking jigsaw of which all the topics mentioned in my lecture were mere pieces. How many more pieces do we need to find? Can we see the bigger picture yet? I believe we can - if we look close enough, and remove the surplus pieces that some people/organisations have scattered into the pattern in an attempt to distract and divert us from the complete picture.

I concluded my lecture by again showing the slide I believe is a snippet of the grand 'cosmic jigsaw' which the crop circles are helping us understand.

Finally, I answered questions on the floor, so if you would like any further information or details on my research projects, please feel free to contact me.

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