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upEnigma Issue 22: Editorial
by Paul Vigay | Autumn 2000

Time for our annual catalogue of formations reported throughout the year. The designs and shapes show no sign of retreating or diminishing and this year saw some incredibly complex geometries and patterns.

Of course hoaxers were still out and about, but as they're now part of the phenomena, it's becoming increasingly easy to ignore them. They're still too egotistical/scared/devious/stupid/well paid (delete as you feel applicable) to give up and find something more constructive to do with their time (is there indeed still a conspiracy to debunk and muddy the waters of serious research?)

I deliberately don't label formations in my International Database as being either hoaxed or genuine, simply because at the end of the day, no one knows for sure. Therefore I always strive to provide factual and accurate information and scientific evidence. That way the reader and enthusiast can make up their own minds by examining the evidence available.

As always please feel free to offer any corrections or additional information on any of the formations listed in my database. I compile the information for the benefit of everyone, so I endeavour to keep it as up to date and accurate as possible. However, additional information is always appreciated.

Don't forget that if you have internet access, the main database is available online at www.cropcircleresearch.com/database

Because of the interactive and immediate nature of the internet, the online copy is always bang up to date and contains any changes/updates not neccessarily included in this printed version.

The online version also allows you to gain full appreciation of Lucy Pringle's high quality, full colour photographs of most of the UK formations. The thumbnail images shown here are only representative of the formation and hardly do justice to the full-sized images which are available online.


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