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upEnigma Issue 2: UFO Sighting - Silbury Hill carpark
by Paul Vigay | Saturday 3rd July 1993

Sat 3rd July
This occasion I travelled to Alton Barnes for the purpose of an all night U.F.O. watch. I was accompanied by my girlfriend Jan and my friend Andrew Hillis. Whilst parked in a layby between Knapp hill and Adam's Grave, we met another couple of friends that we knew from home (Chris and Paul from Havant). They suggested that we go back to Silbury Hill, as Paul had lent some camping equipment to someone camping there, and wished to collect it. We joined the woman and her child at Silbury Hill. There was also a small crowd of young men nearby, laughing and joking around a camp fire. We chatted and had cups of tea with the woman Paul had met earlier in the day. The sky was clear and the night was fine. At around midnight, I noticed a very small white dot in the sky. At first I thought it was a star, until it started moving. I first noticed it in the sky to the southwest. It was travelling quite slowly in a easterly direction. I pointed it out to the others who were also puzzled and started to watch it. The strange thing about it, was that trailing it at a constant speed was a dimmer white dot. The two dots were both travelling at the same speed and keeping a constant distance between them (as if the first one was towing the second, although no joining connection was visible to us)

By now the group of nearby men had also seen it. Unsure as to what it was and deducing that our group were UFO watchers (by our audible comments), they started making joking comments about ETs and UFOs.

After a couple of minutes dark clouds started to drift overhead and the object became increasingly more difficult to make out. It eventually disappeared (either obscured by clouds or beyond our line of sight) over Silbury Hill, which was east from where we were sitting on the grass between Silbury Hill and the car park.

N.B. The following day we met a friend who is involved in quite a few UFO watches. She reported seeing an identical sight at around 1am on the night concerned but she was watching from Petersfield, a distance of some 80 miles to the east. She reported that she believed the two dots were in fact joined by a cigar shaped object.


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