Enigma Journal: Issue 2 Contents
Enigma Issue 2: Winter 1993/4

Circular Dimensions (part 2)

- Early theories into parallel dimensions


Crop Watching - A poem by Mavis Vigay (contains a 38K image)

Survival of Death

Character Assassination is the only defence

1993 Crop Circles

- A roundup of the years surveys

UFO Sighting

- Silbury Hill, Wiltshire, UK, 3rd July 1993

Dreams of The Afterlife

- Sherley Gifford gives a personal account

UFO Sighting

- Knapp Hill, Wiltshire, UK, 11th Jun 1993

Diary of a Croppie

- Martin Noakes reports on the 1993 crop circle season.

Barbury Castle 1991 - A Hoax!!

- An undercover investigation into this famous formation

Face on Mars

- Paul Vigay investigates the enigmatic Cydonia region on Mars....