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upEnigma Issue 2: Diary of a Croppie
by Martin Noakes | July 1993

Around six weeks previously I had decided that I would be taking my annual trip to Wiltshire on the 21st, 22nd, and 23rd of July. However as that time approached I began hearing other dates mentioned, and after speaking to Lynn Gladwyn who relayed to me a strange experience that a concert promoter in America had. I changed the dates to 26th, 27th, and 28th July.

My friend Griller (Dave Gilgannon) managed to re-arrange his schedule and was still able to come along, and as a late addition to the trip Andy Thomas decided to join us. Terry Harrison had already booked a pitch on a campsite and I said we would meet up with him there.

Monday 26th July
We set off to wiltshire, the car jam packed full.

On arrival at the campsite after a journey which wouldn't have looked out of place in a "Carry on camping" movie, like excitable school children, we set up our tent, had a quick look around for anyone we knew, and then set off to find the Barge Public house. Straight away Roy Dutton turned up, then Alick Bartholomew. Nancy Talbot was already there. Prior to us leaving, almost anyone you could mention in the crop circle fraternity was present or had popped in.

Experiments at Stonehenge
We managed to discover that Colin Andrews was involved in an experiment inside the stones at Stonehenge which would be commencing at 10:30. So we arranged to meet a lady called Kathleen, and Peter Sorenson down a dirt track that runs near to the stones.

The track was very busy with large camper vans parked up in the first 100 yards. I parked the car and we walked to the pre-arranged location. The weather was beginning to turn ugly which explained why Kathleen and Peter were sitting in their car in the warm and dry. Griller and Andy suggested that I went back and drove the car up to where we were now standing.

Things that go bump...
I didn't feel that happy about leaving the car out of our sight and started walking to retrieve it. After a short while (About equidistant between my car and my party) directly behind me I heard a large "Crack!" I felt very exposed and increased my pace, I then heard another "Crack!" My heart started pounding, I increased my pace further and reached the car. Before getting in the car I shook myself quite hard to see if I could recreate the noise by any items of my clothing hitting together. I could not! I mentioned this briefly to Griller and Andy.

We could see torches inside Stonehenge, and felt happy that Colin Andrews was involved with whatever was happening.

We later found out some of the personnel inside the stones who were:- Colin Andrews, David Icke, Reg Presley, Nancy Talbot, Sue Paruch, Lynn Gladwyn, Isabelle Kingston, and a very important American person looking for validation of the circles authenticity.

At approximately 10:55pm Kathleen suggested that we had a small group meditation, we all agreed, sat around in a circle and Kathleen took charge. We held hands and a few words were said offering our love and support to mother Earth.

During our ceremony we were passed by two police cars who must have thought that we were total nutters. sitting out in the pouring rain in a circle holding hands, Andy wearing his terrorist balaclava, and Griller and myself in our ex-German army second world war waterproofs.

A flash in the sky
The meditation came to a natural end and almost the second we released hands I saw a flash in the sky, midway between us and the stones. There was no noise, no crack or boom that you would expect from that sort of flash.

We discussed the event and decided that it had happened at approximately 11:10pm. Kathleen then suggested that it had probably happened at 11:11pm which is a significant number to her as it represents the bringing together of people of a like mind for the Earth changes. I have no comment to make on that as I don't know enough about the 11:11 theory.

Night watching
At approximately 01:30 we saw a stream of cars leave the Stonehenge car park. We stayed until about 02:00 when we decided that it was time for our second port of call suggested to us by Colin Andrews personally. He strongly recommended a vantage point at the bottom of Golden Ball Hill. I estimate that we arrived at our destination at approximately 02:45. Chad Deetken was already there and he moved his car to enable us to get into position for our watch.

Andy and Griller fell asleep around 03:30 and it was raining quite heavily . I felt that the prospect of seeing anything unusual was diminishing fast, nevertheless I continued to watch as vigilantly as possible.

At approximately 04:15 I saw what I can only describe as the strangest thing I have ever seen. It was as if big blocks of darkness were travelling from my left to my right, apparently directly above Golden Ball Hill, but below the heavy clouds. I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me. I shouted out to Griller and Andy who woke up with a start and looked out of the window, witnessing the same thing as me but describing it slightly differently.

I got out of the car and woke up Chad Deetken and told him to look at the top of the Golden Ball hill. On returning to my car the phenomenon was still occurring. I would estimate that the whole incident lasted around a minute. I later asked Chad if he had seen anything but unfortunately he said that he hadn't.

Daybreak arrived and we went home, very tired, and with mud all over the drivers side floor from my boots!

Tuesday 27th July
During the day we looked at some of the formations in the area, and whilst in one, a person in a red jumper started running up the tramlines towards us. Having been on the sharp end of angry farmers tongue in the past. I was debating whether or not to do a runner, when Andy pointed out that it was in fact Terry Harrison (Phew!) We met him in the evening in the Barge Pub, where the atmosphere was almost electric, with a sense of expectancy, again the place was packed with familiar faces.

We decided to join Terry, his dad and son, who told us they were going up onto the top of Knapp Hill. All six of us struggled up the hill trying to avoid the minefield of cowpats as we went. Having reached the top we settled down for the night at approximately 11:30pm facing almost due south and looking over the Carsons Eastfield, in fact almost 180 from our position the night before. The weather was very overcast but it was not raining. Two other people were already set up on top of the hill and we struck up a conversation with them.

The first sighting
At around 01:20am one of the two people on the hill with us pointed at a Greenish light moving on the horizon, we could all now see it. It appeared on a position of approximately 260 followed by a red light. Flashes of light were seen emanating from a position in line with Stonehenge earlier in the evening.

I didn't personally see the red light but Terry's son, Griller, and one of the other people (Jamie Hiscock I believe) did. The red light blinked out at approximately 200 witnessed by Griller, but the Green light changed course and moved more in our direction West to East.

As it passed in front of us it ascended and then appeared to get smaller, presumably moving away from us. We witnessed it for about 4 minutes and it then entered the cloud base slightly illuminating it as it went through.

The second sighting
02:05 the shout came "Another light." and sure enough there in roughly the same location was another translucent Greenish circle of light, travelling in a more Northerly trajectory (i.e. closer to us). After slightly more than a minute we observed yet another replica of the previous three lights . This time we all got a very clear view of the objects through our binoculars and telescope.

Jamie and his friend measured the object, using his fingers and calculated that it measured 2mm with his hand approximately 2 ft from his face. I can state categorically that these objects were with- out doubt, perfect circles of consistently even coloration from the centre to the circumference, with no surroundings whatsoever.

The cloud base was between 1500 ft and 2000 ft, and the wind speed was approximately 8-9 MPH heading in a south westerly direction. This was checked out by Terry with the Bracknell weather center. We estimated that these objects were travel- ling at around the speed of a small plane (i.e. 100-150 MPH).

At some point before the second set of lights Terry commented on bluish white lights that kept appearing in a slightly more southerly direction to the area where the green lights had first been seen (which incidentally is very close to the direction of Stonehenge).

These lights continued throughout the night until dawn. They appeared to be originating within a bright beam of diverging light. We discussed the possibility that it was Steven Greer's CSETI project having a fantastically successful night.

As we left to go back to our campsite, we met up with another watcher who had been on Adams Grave all night with his friend. They also witnessed some of the lights we saw, and also claimed to see a light flying up out of the East field. He told us that he took video of the nights events. I took his name and address and we ventured back to our campsite, spying up the East field, just in case! Interestingly I had a very vivid dream during my sleep which left me with a definite dimension of 8 ft for the circles of greenish light.

Wednesday 28th July
I spoke to Nancy Talbot and informed her of the events the night before, she told us where to meet her, which we did. She was busy carrying out experiments in a formation with Sue. Having seen the lights that were appearing from the direction of Stonehenge for such a long time, we decided to head in that direction this evening, and Nancy and Sue decided to join us.

We loaded up the car with equipment and set off. Our first stop was Stonehenge, to question the security men on the previous evening. Unfortunately the team on duty were not the same team from the night before, but even so one of the guards told us about some strange lights he had seen weeks earlier.

Flashing strobe lights
Heading towards what we thought were search beams we became fairly lost. Hoping to find Steven Greer's experiment we persevered. It was around 12:00am, we had stopped by the roadside waiting for beams in the sky, when a strobe started flashing, lighting up the cloud base. We estimated it's origin, Griller looked at the map and directed us in it's general direction. We headed down a road believing we had gone wrong somewhere, so we pulled over and waited for any other clues. As we waited the strobe started up in the centre of the field we had stopped by.

Excitedly we set up the video camera and waited. This road was much busier than it at first appeared and we were continuously being illuminated by passing cars and lorries. So we moved a bit and found a well hidden spot for us to observe from. The strobe flashed for 30 flashes. I felt uneasy about what we were witnessing quite early on, mainly due to the professionalism of those in the field.

We saw a car turn into a lane that lead to the field and immediately turn off it's lights and make the rest of the journey in darkness. We saw the occasional torch light and counted at least 3 separate torches at one time. We all had the feeling that people in the field were much closer to us than we perceived. Sue saw a small red light, as I did also. It would appear that we were being observed by infra-red cameras at quite close distance! Griller had suggested earlier that he climb into the field to get a closer look at what was going on. I didn't think it was such a good idea, and I think Griller now shares that view. Suitably unnerved, we set off to get back to the top of Knapp Hill the weather was deteriorating and became quite unpleasant by the time we arrived at our destination.

The atmosphere was completely different from the previous evening, dark and heavy rather than light and exciting. We chatted to Kathleen who had been to see Doug Bower that evening and was quite impressed with him. This didn't go down well with some of our party and a heated discussion ensued. Oh well it's all in a nights work.


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