Enigma Journal: Barbury Castle 1991 - A Hoax!!
Enigma Issue 2: Winter 1993/4

It was brought to my attention during the autumn months of 1993, that the elaborate Barbury Castle formation was possibly a hoax. So far, this is regarded as possibly the most elaborate and beautiful of all formations yet discovered. One that no hoaxer has dared to claim as his (or hers) - until now that is.

I can now reveal that due to hidden cameras being set up in the field, amazingly by coincidence only ten minutes before the hoaxer struck, the following evidence has been obtained using high-powered, expensive computer imaging techniques, Military Infra-red night sights, a piece of rope, a plank and a pogo stick.

The hoaxer wished to remain anonymous, but in the interests of crop circle research, I shall now reveal his identity. He is known as Zarg and comes from a small planet in the vicinity of Ursa Minor. In some of the photos, his friend Plook can be seen helping him by holding the other end of the piece of rope. A time-lapse sequence of events is shown below.

Fig.1 The completed pictogram, as viewed by researchers and crop circle enthusiasts. You can just make out Zarg and Plook's spaceship in the bottom left hand corner.

Fig.2 The two set to work in the darkness of night. Having completed the central shape, they get to work on one of the single circles.


Fig.3 A computer enhanced version of the photo above (fig.2). Zarg and Plook can be seen in the top right corner.


Fig.4 Plook marks out the circumference of the circle while Zarg holds the rope in the centre.

Fig.5 The circle nearing completion. The whole action has taken only 3.4 seconds due to Plook's dexterity with a pogo stick.

Note: These photographs serve to act as a demonstration as to how easy it is to hoax crop circle hoaxing using an elementary amount of computer graphics. They were created in around ten minutes using an ordinary home computer, costing under £200.

As yet, no 'human' hoaxer has admitted to creating the Barbury Castle formation. I believe this formation to be totally genuine.

Enigma issue 3 contains a serious article demonstrating this technique in more detail.