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upEnigma Issue 19: Editorial
by Paul Vigay | Autumn 1999

This issue is dedicated to a comprehensive listing of formations discovered during 1999. This was a bumper year for crop formations and the shapes became ever more complex and elaborate.

Hoaxers and sceptics are unfortunately still trying to muddy the waters by spreading rumours and media disinformation, but I remain as convinced as ever that a genuine and mysterious phenomenon remains.

After all, other than ego and notoriety, what drives the hoaxers to continuing their deceit and disinformation year after year if it isn't fear that we might eventually find some answers they can't handle.

To coin the phrase used by Jack Nicholson in the film "A Few Good Men", "Some people can't handle the truth".

Indeed, it's this very phrase that seems to play on the hoaxers minds, for one comment they occasionally fire at the believers is that people are holding onto belief systems for fear of having their theories and concepts shattered.

However, by still believing this, the hoaxers are deluding themselves - hoaxers hoaxing hoaxers - now there's an interesting concept!
For, looking back over the years of crop circle research, most crop circle researchers I've met and chatted with have undergone an enormous growth cycle. Initial theories have been expanded upon and new areas of research delved into. Indeed, many people involved in crop circle research five or more years ago are now investigating things almost completely non-circles related - but none the less, discovered via their involvement in, arguably, the biggest mystery of modern times.

However, the hoaxers seem to still harbour their immature ideas and egos, foolishly believing that believers are mad for researching 'false science' or dismissing scientific evidence as fanciful wishes of new-age delusionists.
They still play their little games in the fields and they still hang around the fringe of crop circle research, hoping to catch that glimmer of notoriety and resentment. A weird kind of ego that thrives on other people's scorn.

However, at the end of the day, researchers are laughing, for not only have they expanded their minds and spiritualities by new science, concepts and inspiration, but they've also met new friends, shared laughs and tears with like-minded people but also progressed along the path of enlightenment.

Sadly, sceptics seem to still occupy the same 'closed-box' world view as they did ten years ago - now That is sad!


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