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upEnigma Issue 18: Editorial
by Paul Vigay | 25th May 1999

Hopefully the arrival of this issue will be a pleasant surprise to readers, and an indicator that future issues of Enigma should arrive on time. Although Enigma doesn't follow a fixed publication schedule, issues are published broadly around January, May, August and December.

As I write this, the 1999 crop circle season seems to have got off to a prodigious start with some very elaborate formations starting to appear. As published in previous issues, I firmly believe that 1999 will be a landmark year for human consciousness.

However, we need to keep one foot firmly on the ground to avoid being swept away on the current tide of disinformation and global turmoil. This year has seen an unprecedented amount of government encumbrance on the world around us. What with the events in Kosovo (so obviously staged for financial reasons) to their involvement in the GM food debate.

I hope to investigate GM foods in future issues, not because it is specifically paranormal, but it's effects are certainly unexplained and the government seems intent on muddying the issue. After all the saga over banning beef because of the danger of CJD etc, the day after the media publish information questioning whether CJD is anything to do with beef, the government issue a statement indicating their planned media campaign to assure people that there is nothing to worry about with genetically modified foods. Yeah right. Next, they'll be saying that they're actually beneficial for your health and that smoking doesn't cause cancer. The fact is that Monsanto (one of the leading multi-national companies involved in GM research) hasn't done anywhere near enough testing of it's methods for anyone to say if it's safe or not.

Put simply, you, I AND the government don't have enough research information to be able to make an informed decision. Until we do, I for one will be taking every step possible to avoid any food at all which contains any trace of GM material.

Indeed, it seems that the government is bombarding us with all sorts of new legislation, proposed schemes and changes to the existing status quo, that it's proving quite difficult to work out what their hidden, ultimate agenda is.

Keep your eyes open and always read between the lines of any media story in order to investigate the real truth.


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