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upEnigma Issue 18: Crop Circle formations in the Czech Republic
by Jan Cerny | Spring 1999

Crop circle formations in the Czech Republic and north-east Bohemia
(development of crop circle phenomenon, characterizations of formations, concomitant phenomena, measuring)

Part 1. The Early Years
Jan Cerny, Jr. and Andrea Praisler

In this article we would like to tell you something about the development of the crop circle phenomenon in the Czech Republic, and especially in the north-west Bohemia. I'll describe phenomena which are connected with the appearance of crop circles and signs that are typical for true formations.

The first, not very precise information, about formations in Bohemia are from 1985. This formation was probably found not far from Horni Plana and Hostinne. The first example was a circle with diameter 6m and was without vegetation. The second example was 40 circles with diameters of 2m in green grass.

A circle, which was surrounded by whorls, was probably founded in 1989. There were 4 formations in 1990 and 4 formations in 1992.

From year 1993 to 1996: There were only simple formations. Quick change came in year 1996 when really complicated formations started to appear.

The largest czech formation was found near the village Nemilkov (in the area of Klatovy) on 28th July. The diameter was almost 100m and the area of this formation was about 2330sq metres. In all formations there are repetition of the basic pattern. This pattern forms a part of grass, wheat or other plants which are pressed down.

Fig.1 Nemilkov 1996

Photo 1: Menilkov 1996

There are more and more new formations and new localities every year. Formations are very often found in the places, which are conformable to last years.

People believe that the first formation was probably founded on 15th August near Nepomerice (district of Kutna Hora) and it was a simple circle in oats.

These were registered by KPU Plzen (Klub Psychotroniky and UFO in Plzen) to the date 23th November : 14 formation in the 1993. In 1994 there were 23 localities and in 1995 there were 35 localities. 40 formations were found in 1996. About 20 formations were registered in 1997. Summer of year 1997 was connected with disastrous floods. In year 1998 there were by that time 26 formations.

Now I would like to tell something about history of this phenomenon in north-east Bohemia.The first formation was probably a circle in alfalfa (lucerne). It was found not far off Vysoke Myto and was probably made on 24th August 1994. Its diameter was 10.3m (north-south) and 9.6m (east-west) and its centre was directed South.

The next was found not far from Vestec, by Jaromer, on 3th September 1994. We were able to research this formation in detail (fig.2). It consisted of: one large circle in the centre - its diameter was 7m, a whorl and 4 lesser circles - their diameters were 3.2 m. Circles were arranged like number five on the die. The formation was in alfalfa (lucerne). There were some interesting things before appearing of this formation. Maybe, these things are connected with appearing, maybe not. These were eg. on11th September at 22:10 an object was watching over the field, where the formation was found. The object let down an orange light beam. This beam faded away (from left upper corner towards the field) and at the end it quite disappeared.

Fig.2 Vestec 1994

Later two lights (looked like searchlights) were being watched. Their colours were red and green and these lights were going up( towards) to sky.

The next was a flight of an unknown object over the village of Vestec. On the bottom side of the object there were three green lights which made a shape like triangle. The flight were accompany a buzz noise. On 4th September 1994 was watching an object, its shape was like ball and its size was like the Moon. It was shining bright blue colour. The next day almost at the same place there was found a formation in alfalfa (lucerne).

On 6th August 1995 a circle was found not far from Castolovice. Its diameter was 10m. It was found about 12 days after its appearance.

Year 1996 was very important. New formations, which were larger, more complicated and more beautiful, were being found during this year. Our region wasn't forgotten too. During the night of 3th/4th July a very complicated formation appeared between town Solnice and Jestetice. We researched it on 5th July.

The formation (fig.3) consisted of 8 circles, 3 of them were joined lanes (The largest of them had the diameter 5.3m ;from this crop led the lane which looked like letter E). The largest circle of formation had diameter 19.2m, the crop was swerved anti-clockwise. The centres of spirals weren't in the geometrical centres, crop was interlace, stalks were bended and press down. These signs are typical for genuine formations.

The ends of circles were fray, forms were a bit elliptical.

Fig.3 Solnice 1996 "Big Formation"

The next day another group found a second formation. It was a larger circle, its diameter was 3.6m and there were four various long lanes with circles (diameters: 2.3; 2.1; 2.5; 3m) at their ends around the largest circle too.

The date of the appearance of this "Big Formation" (in night between 3th and 4th July 1996) is the same date of the appearing of pictograms in England and in Slovakia. In England the formation was found in Kingsclere not far from Newbury, Hampshire. This formation consisted of 5 circles and whorl. It looked like a Celtic cross and was in wheat. In the same night were made two circles connected lane in Pusta Ves not far off Tr'nava, Slovakia. In night between 5th and 6th July 1996 was made the second less largest pictogram not far off Solnice, CZ It was called "Flower" (fig.4). In Bratislava, Slovakia were made two circles. The larger was surrounded by whorl.

Fig.4 "Flower" formation, Solnice 1996

When "Big formation" not far off Solnice was being made, a reliable witness was watching a shine, which looked like sunrise above the field. It was around 2 o'clock a. m.

The third formation of this year (1996) in our region were two whorls with various diameters in wheat. They were found not far from Nove Mesto nad Metuji (fig.5). The orientation of this formation was north-south.

Fig.5 Nove Mesto nad Metuji

Nevertheless, we were able to see the form of swirl. Some stalks were bent and pressed down but they grew horizontal further on, but a lot of stalks were broken too. The diameter of larger whorl was 2.7m and smaller was 1.5m. The smaller whorl was oriented to north. We couldn't find out the date of rise.

The other formation of this year was simple circle in crop. It was founded nor far off Borova u Policky on 1st August. The most interesting sign of this formation was, that the formation was found in boundary-line of two products - barley and oat. The diameter of this circle was 8m, the swirl was anti-clockwise and the circle was situated in the centre of the field.

At the same moment in which circle was probably being made (in night from 31st July to 1st August 1996), another formation was made in Ashbury not far off Swindon, Oxfordshire, England. Its diameter was 175 ft, in wheat.

The fourth formation of year 1996 was found not far from Slatina nad Upou on 17th August. It was called "Dart", because it looked like Dart. There were four circles which were connected with lanes. The largest circle had diameter 3.67m, was swirled clockwise. This swirl was in other circles too.

The smallest circle had diameter 1.5m. Diameters of lanes (There were four lanes) were between 0.3m and 0.6m. Their length were various too. The most interesting in this formation was, that circles were created of skeins which were in several layers. It is a rarity which we could see in our republic for the first time, but not for the last time.

The last crop circles of year 1996 were two simple circles. Their diameters were 6m. They were found not far off Castolovice. The crop circles of 1995 were found there too.

A similar phenomenon was appearing in a very difficult formation in grass not far off Radec by Upice in year 1996. This formation was made by laying grass but grass wasn't broken. There were no paths leading to formation. The season of year 1996 was finished in this area. The last formation was a circle with a whorl. This circle was connected with a triangle by lane.It was found on 31st August 1996.

Fig.6 Radec, 1996

For more information contact; UFO Club Zablesk, Jan Cerny, Jr. Studnickova 297 551 01, Jaromer, CZECH REPUBLIC


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