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upEnigma Issue 17: Photons in your Local Bar
by Lee Chin

Have you ever been in a cocktail lounge that illuminated their back bar with Black Light? Did you note the florescent glow that initiated the budding and flowering to its full spectral identity of the colours you were viewing. And were not all white linen or natural fibres radiating with the purity of their intended brilliance?

All visible colours of the spectrum originate from the brilliance of pure white light. Here you must understand that black light and white light compliment one another in their tandem missioned intent to expand upon their continuum. Black light is thusly the combining energies of all of the lower spectral energies on assignment within this co-creative Universal Cell. It is Ultra-Violet Light! It is thusly the larger arc of "Yin" light visible with its closest positionment to the earth programming so displayed in the rainbow.

The Photon Belt
The Photon Belt is the collective consciousness of Ultra-Violet Light particles.
High frequency light, such as Violet Light has a short wave length and high energy.
Low frequency light, such as infra-red has a longer wave length and low energy.
It is the shorter wave form that is more compatible to being encapsulated with the incoming higher frequencies. Photons of U.V. light, and the much higher energy have the punch to knock the electrons loose from the nucleus of the atom, releasing its implanted lock on the dormant acupuncture terminal gateways.

We ALL have these triangulated implants set to their pre-programmed spatial time codes within our DNA blueprint. These are the alternative modulators intended for expanding the dimensions of the created design.

Universal Consciousness
With the release of these implanted locks from within the original DNA blueprint, the circumnavigation of the now incoming higher frequencies of light can penetrate these opening terminals and excite their wombs for the invagination of these messaging arcs and their radiation of a new messaging intent of the Greater Light. The blueprint includes the space-timed codices with their directives from the Universal Consciousness of this holographic thought cell, and their channelled alignments within the 12 paired meridians designed to receive the harmonizing broadcasts of the new orchestration.

The Master Grid
The matrix for the universe's master architectural grids were understood by the geometricians who designed the I-Ching. The Native Americans visualized the concept as the expanding grids of a Spider's web. The fodder positioned upon this grid is likened to the placement of the 12 planets rotating around our sun. They too, are the fodder for the Greater Light to feed upon its creative energy selves, during its expanding continuum.

Visualize a grid boxed with 6 equal sides. The photons enter this box at right angles and divide the now pyramidal geometries for their polarizing containment separating the upper from the lower spectral energies on assignment to the dimension therein. As the dimensions of the web grids expand, more space is required for the irradiations into the display of their vibratory fields. It is this geometric expansion with the pulsing cadences of the spectral frequencies that continue the march into infinity.

Chi Energy
Thusly, the messages of enlightenments remain in continuum with their ongoing circumnavigation of the Chi, Life-Light energies, servicing the arenas of matter with its directives of colour-coded and space-timed radiations from the neural threadings and their ley lines from the alternating currents to and from the Universal Consciousness and its audio-visual radio-waves.

Universal Geometric Alignments
The planet of Earth is participating in a universal geometric alignment precisely aligned to the quantum physics of each planetary number aligned to the face of the clock of this holographic thought cell. The Sun and the Moon are the hour and minute hands. The 12 planets are the 12 hours. The diameter of its 360 degrees are rotating like seconds. The movement is controlled by the mechanisms generated by the four rivers of energies that flow to and from the Gardens of Eden with their counter clockwise movements cycled by the 4 pole stars, Polaris, Thuban, Lyra and Gamma Cepheus. *(see the calendar of Light)

Each hour is equal to 120 minutes on the clocks face, or 1,440 minutes per the revolving cycles apportioned with the 12 pair of spectrally coded radiations circumnavigating their co-creative, space-timed invaginations with their messages of re-generation and continuum within the mini-universe of the body of Mother Earth, and even so her co-creations.

The ancients provided us with the chakra knowings that there are 72,000 ethereal wires (radio-waves) aligned to the chakras. Later, other intuitives tried to relate this maths to the 7 known chakras. I parked this info on my book shelf for several years, until, my guides re-directed me to it, providing an insight to expand upon this thought.

*There are 144,000 ethereal radio waves. Their alternating currents are divided to 72,000 each. These energy messages are equally apportioned into the 12 pair of acupuncture meridian channels within the physical embodiment. 6,000 wires are aligned to each meridian. During every cycle of 24 hours, each of the meridians is opened for 120 minutes to receive the re-generating messages of continuum for rebroadcast by the acupuncture terminal points to the arenas of the organisms being serviced by the Light. Thusly, 120 minutes times 60 seconds each, equals a total of 7,200 seconds. This did not make sense, until .....!

The Light of God within you
I divided the 7,200 seconds for their apportionments with the 6,000 wires. The answer here was 1.2 seconds for the messaging pulse of each radio-wave. If this simple maths is not equating with your 3rd dimensional thought processes, try this. 1.2 seconds times 60 seconds is equal to its rhythmic pulse of 72 beats per minute. When you feel this pulse surging through you, know that the spectral frequencies of the LIGHT of GOD are in continuum within you.

You do not need a sea shell to hear the tidal flow of the ocean of liquid light. Simply place your hands over your ears and hear the G-force of love energies within you.

5th Dimensional Consciousness
The formula for the design of our 3rd dimensional school room is now under reconstruction for translation into our next level of learning experiences within the 5th dimension. No, we are not skipping ahead of the 4th dimension. It has always been overseeing us in our dream state and preparing us for the orchestration to the next rung of the octave to be harmonized with our physical embodiments.

The colour, sound and frequency vibrations being resonated within the 3rd dimension had their formula. I only include it here, for those who will choose to be the caretakers and educators of the 3rd dimension. It is they they will edit and re-write earth's histories. In this way, nothing will be lost.

The 3rd Dimensional Formula
1, the sequence for the harmonies of light entry into matter via the notes of the 3-D octave of middle C.

2. I.D. of visible spectrographic (quanta)

3. the 12 pair of acupuncture meridians identified to the organisms being re-generated within the body of Mother Earth and her co-creations. (mirror imaged by the alternating currents of the Universal Consciousness.)

4. the number of terminal points determining the light's cadences within each spectrally coded meridian.

5. each meridian is apportioned to its 7,200 seconds within its co-creative space-timed revolutions during each sun/moon cycle. Divide the number of cadences into the 7,200 seconds to determine the G-Force speed of light resonating within each meridian.
This formula is only for the arcs of the angles on assignment to the 3rd dimension. There will be a new spectrum to be experienced with the 5th dimensional orchestration.

1.      2.        3.         4.      5.
F       green     liver      14      514.28571
F#      bl-gr     gall bl.   44      163.63636
C#      red-or    endocrine  23      313.04347
B       U.V.      circ.const. 9     *800.
G#      bl-ind    kidney     27      266.66666
G       blue      bladder    68      105.88235
D#      yel-or    sm.intest  20      360.
C       red       heart       9      *800.
D       orange    spleen     21      342.85714
E       yellow    stomach    46      156.52173
A       indigo    lg.intest  20      360.
A#      ind-vio   lung       11      654.54545
hi-C    red-vio   govern.    27      266.66666
hi-C#   garnet    concept    24      300.
The total of the cadence points = 363.

This is inclusive with the geometries of the additional 3 degrees compelling the polarizing expansion of our 360 degree 3-D wheel. It is this compulsive force phenomenon that provides the key to unlock the grid and break open the seventh seal that has held matter in its commitment with Jacob's ladder. (the 7 rungs and 5 enharmonic linkages of the 12 chakra energy wheels.

->->->->->->- back to photons

An oscillating electron produces an "accelerating" electrical charge creating electro-magnetic radiation. The electrons have been viewed as pink taffy-like glue, surrounded by a containment wheel of Ultra-Violet light particles. Thus they are restricted from the ingathering of more like-particle energies. This is the balance of harmony required for the weights and measures within the nucleus of the atom.

These mini belts of UV Light form the coat over the inner garments of light resident within each of the spectral energies apportioned to the acupuncture terminal points within their designated meridians. (Joseph's gifted knowing of the coat of many colours)

The spirited energies that have ensouled within us, for our 3D learning experience are atomically descended from the DNA genetically implanted for the re-perfected seed of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and even so, his 12 sons. These 12 were pre chosen to anchor the "predominant" co-creating messaged intent of each of the 12 spectral arcs on assignment to matter and the bio-genesis of its physical embodiments. All of the 12 rays are dedicated to the coordinates of their space-timed circumnavigation within the inner garment of light aligned to the acupuncture meridians within the physical embodiment.

The photons are the division makers, separating the predominant message of a specific spectral energy, re-apportioning a lesser energy to another. This is the methodology of maintaining the harmonies of the weights and measures for the co-creative atoms to the Adams. The 12 tribes of Is-Ra-El, are "The Bio-Genesis of the Children of the Light"

Is-Ra-El, is not the name ascribed to a specific ethnic race or theological ism. Jacob's name was changed to Israel because he was christened by the Light to manifest the "I Am" presence of the Greater Light, into the Earth's re-programming with matter. Is = the I AM. Ra = the central Kolob of all creative energies. El = the conversions of the radiations spectrally coded arcs and their co-creative circumnavigation within matter and its diversely created physical embodiments. The master codex is within the body of Mother Earth.

The apportionment of the predominant spectral rays to their bio-genesis is as follows:

Red           *Joseph-Manasseh
Red-Orange    Dan
Orange        Simeon
Or-Yellow     Asher
Yellow        Benjamin

(the missing frequency of chartreuse that fell from the ladder. This would have been the enharmonic resonator of the note of E#. It does not exist now, but its sound is encapsulated elsewhere in the greater universe.)

Green         Levi
Gr.-Blue      Gad
Blue          Issachar
Bl.-Indigo    Naphtali
Indigo        Reuben
Ind.-Violet   Zebulon
Ultra Violet  *Joseph-Ephraim
Violet-Red    Judah

The tribe of Levi (green) was set apart as the select priesthood to guard the gates for the arcs and their space-time codes covenanted to their like channel of apportionments from the Greater Light.

To maintain a balance of the geometric harmonies, the tribe of Joseph was divided to its 2 half tribes of Manasseh and Ephraim. It is their opposite ends of the spectral ladder that attract one another to form the circle to prepare for the zero point to recycle the incoming energies to its continuum.

The tribe of Judah is the zero point. It is the predominant energy to fuel the recycling process of the time codes so aligned within matter, Or to facilitate the modulation of the ladder with its acceleration into the next higher octave.

It is the preparer to re-modulate the spectral arcs of the 3rd dimension to their combining yin energies (garnet light) and bring forth the Golden frequency of the Christ energies and prepare Earth and her kinds for the re-birthing process..


Non-Linear Frequencies
The spectral frequencies are never linear, they are identifiable by their wave form. We earthlings recognize a linear line, with its meaning as one whose life-light energies have just departed the physical embodiment. The spectral radiations of the 12 co-creative frequencies aligned to EACH of the dimensions within the octaves harmonizing the expanding dimensions of this Universal Thought Cell are identifiable to their colour, sound and resonating vibrations. We cannot even begin to visualize the spectral identities of other dimensions until we can be co-participants in their school rooms.

Preparing for Ascension
All earth kinds must become encapsulated within the UV Light while our physical embodiments are being re-modulated to facilitate matter to its compatibility with these other higher dimensional frequencies. otherwise the friction would create a spontaneous combustion. You cannot plug 220 volts into a receptacle designed to accommodate 110 volts. The UV is aligned into this Universe via the meridian mirror imaged into the mini universe within our own physical temples. It is the acupuncture meridian identified by the ancients as heart (pulse), sex, circulation constrictor. (the physical missionaries of this ray are recognizable by their predominantly low blood pressure.)

Within the 3rd dimensional programming, the UV has only 9 acupuncture terminal points, for the receival of its lowering, high energy impacted vibrations messaged to the antennae-like arrays of its re-broadcasting stations, the acupuncture points, servicing the arenas of the co-creative organisms.

The unified field within this pyramidal arc manifests the larger vibration of sound for its pendulum time codes. It is the regulator for the rhythmic pulsations of the light energies circumnavigating within the physical temples upon the body of Mother Earth and within her co-creations. Is this remembrance of origin bringing forth the re-newed knowings of the 30,000 year old pyramidal complexes on the Giza Plateau and its architect Thoth. The hieroglyphs within the Book of the Dead, repeatedly depict Thoth with the head of a dog. Is this why the shaft within the great pyramid is pointing towards the constellation of Sirius, and its dog star?

The Hall of Records
The Lion-Sphinx is the gate to the hall of records for the divisioning of the spectral radiations into their like meridian channels. Its space-time codes are re-directed from the star, Regulus, of the constellation of Leo. The 3 primary stars within this constellation are the apexes for its triangulated geometries. These are the 3 energies that will be aligned to the 3 degrees that will initiate the expanding of dimensions for this Universal co-creating thought cell.

The alternating currents of the spectral rays, so aligned to the pyramidal complexes on the Giza plateau, can be found in other stone or mountainous dirt pyramids placed upon the meridians, with their receiving electro-magnetic ley lines, aligned to the opposite hemisphere of the Earth's body. These are arrayed for the re-transmittal of thought creating data by the creations to the co-creator gods.

On 12th December 1993, the time-codes were invaginated to the great Sphinx by a 5.2 earthquake. On January 2, 1994, a similar 5.2 earthquake opened the gate for the Ultra-Violet Light meridian located here in the Puget Sound meridian from Vancouver Island to Seattle, Washington, USA. On January 31, 1994, the meridian aligned to the sacred Hawaiian Island of Niihau was also invaginated by a 5.2 earthquake. Because the magnitude of these earth movements created little damage, seldom were they reported in the press. I do not know the placements of these other meridians or the date of their re-awakenings.

Reawakenings of the Blueprint
I am only witness to the reawakenings of the dormant DNA blueprint within my own physical body. Others in my close circle of light workers are privy to the visual ejecta mapping the new acupuncture points appearing on my body. These needlings are not being done by some alien being slipping into my 4th dimensional dream state. I received 37 bloody needle points on my lower right leg between the traditionally known acupuncture points numbered 39 and 40 of the stomach meridian. I am perceiving that the molecular levels are being re-educated to their source of origin and are being re-modulated to accommodate the higher energies for my own personal light body.

I was told that I had contracted to be one of the incarnates of the many preparer anchors to ground the higher energies into matter. The first experience with 9 pair of needle marks put my body into extreme electrical shock and the pain persisted within the sympathetic and the para-sympathetic nerve system for 90 days. An apology was received and a guardian placed with me. The crew of the universal time codes was in a hurry to accelerate Earth's preparedness, because of interference being perpetuated by earth beings bent on tampering with the time codes in the hall of records.

Gayle Fleniken, author of Planet Alert, and I have been sharing the similar appearance of crop circle-like designs upon our own physical bodies. We KNOW that these pictograms are coming from within our own DNA blueprint, as are the similar ejecta forming the crop circles upon the body of Mother Earth. She displays these so that her co-creations, and her universal brotherhood, will be aware of her preparedness to co-participate in the coming expansion designed by our Universal Consciousness for its co-creative thought cells.

This text is straying of course from explaining the coming of the photon belt. It is a good sign, nothing to fear. It will provide 72 hours of darkness, or black light. Thusly the terminals will be opened and the seed with the new message of Light energies will be invaginated, bud, flower and bloom to the enlightenments with its new season.

Sharing Light,
Lee Guilmette Chin


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