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upEnigma Issue 17: Editorial
by Paul Vigay | March 1999

Well, this issue finally made it to press - and as a bonus it's the thickest issue yet! A packed 44 pages, full of information I hope you will find interesting, informational and above all, an inspiration to continue your own investigations.

I am already working on the next issue, due to having too much material to include in this issue - and to also make publication dates more regular. Although the winter months are traditionally quiet, life has been pretty hectic since the last issue.

Last year saw more controversy and politics in the crop circle fraternity - which is a pity because I'm sure many people are missing the inspirational messages provided to us, but then again everyone has their own path to follow and lessons to learn. As they say, whatever goes around, comes around so negative people will have their own karma to deal with.

I'm sure you will also agree that time is becoming more and more non-linear. Things are accelerating and it's almost difficult to work out where time is disappearing to so quickly. 1998 seemed to fly past even faster than previous years and I can't believe that the new crop circle season will be with us in only a couple of months time.

Although there was a lot of negativity and hoaxing last year, I've tried to keep this issue of Enigma pointing firmly in the direction I believe the phenomena is taking us. We need to think more positively - and manifest our own positive realities.

My first article (opposite) tapes a brief tour through crop circle history in an attempt to put some perspective back into the subject, and also I hope, to inspire people who felt let down by the extent of the hoaxing and deceit which occurred last year - which fortunately I managed to keep pretty well away from - hence qualifying me to take an impartial view from a few paces back.

I also have an interesting article from Scandinavian Enigma reporter Emma Ojanen detailing a UFO mystery which is little known outside Norway.

Lastly, please recommend Enigma to your friends and colleagues. Feel free to lend your copy out because continued research depends very much on subscriptions and donations.


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