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upEnigma Issue 16: Turning the Tide of World Events
An interview with David Icke by Joseph W.Duggan | Sprig 1998

David Icke was a professional footballer for Coventry City and later for Hereford before rheumatoid arthritis forced him to quit amidst much publicity at the age of 21. He turned to journalism and then to television, becoming a sports correspondent on BBC 2's Newsnight and contributing regularly to BBC 1's Grandstand. He went on to become a national spokesman for Britain's Green Party and became deeply involved in environmental issues.

A Life Changed Forever!
A visit to a British medium and healer in 1990 set him on the journey of discovery which dramatically changed his life and led him to write a series of controversial books including Truth Vibrations, It Doesn't Have To Be This Way, Heal The World, and The Robots' Rebellion. His most recent is And the Truth Will Set You Free and has been described as the most explosive book of the 20th century. It reveals the esoteric background to a worldwide conspiracy to centralize power within the hands of a global elite. In it he offers an inspiring spiritual solution in which every man, woman and child can break free from robotic programming and take back their power to decide their own destiny.

Travelling the World Exposing Facts
Icke is travelling around the world explaining the danger to the future of our planet posed by the present worldwide economic system now dominated and controlled by a secret, global elite. The bottom line of this 'system' is 'economic growth' which economists claim leads to more jobs, more wealth (for the elite), more economic 'success,' etc. This couldn't be more simple, but in truth it is a take, make and throw away system which increases the rate and amount of irreplaceable resources we take from the planet every year. It increases the speed at which these products, most of which we don't need, are made obsolete or wear out so that people are forced to buy the same products again and again in order to generate ever greater increases in production. This, in turn, leads to the increase in the amount of natural resources now called waste and rubbish that we throw away every year.

Environmental Assassins
It must have taken a genius to come up with it because, as Icke says, "It is the perfect environmental and human assassin and yet it is the system that controls the world and the minds of its people. In short, for the present system to survive and increase production every year, it is essential that we rape the planet for more and more resources and poison her with ever more pollution. This is the system supported by every major political movement in the world, except for the Greens. This is the conventional 'wisdom' that is destroying the earth."

Surrendering Individuality
"Also, in our present global system, individual countries surrender control of their own destiny as other countries produce cheaper products utilizing low-wage workers, and often new, but environmentally and socially destructive technology. Unemployment rises in those countries which can't compete, but what of those that do have jobs. They spend most of their time working in factories and offices producing these trinkets to buy even more trinkets that someone else is also spending their lives in factories and offices making."

The Human Sheep-Pen
"Whatever happened to living? The vast majority of people, rich and poor, on this planet are enslaved. Enslaved by the system's robotic programming, its economic imprisonment, and by their own refusal to think, question and find the liberation that comes with an open mind. We don't live in a free society, we live as robots in a society in which you are free to do what the society wants you to do - produce and consume - that's the reality."

The Few Controlling the Mass
Icke has been able to carry out a detailed analysis which fits together past and present world events which appear to occur independently of each other, but in truth have the same people pulling the strings in all of them. It's becoming increasingly true that a very few people control the world by persuading and pressuring the population through fear to think the way they want them to act and think, or preferably, not to act or think independently at all. Currently, four multinational corporations control 90% of the global media.

The Hassle-Free Zone
He explains: "What happens in practice is that if you look at all the dogmas in all cultures, all societies have what I call a 'hassle-free zone.' It is that area within any culture, within each dogma (religious, economic, political etc) wherein if you conform to it, you are in the comfort zone. No one's going to laugh at you, condemn you for being different, or for expressing your uniqueness, because you are locked into the herd mentality, and you are conforming to what you are told you should be and do. When you step out of this mind-set and express your unique aspect of all that exists and refuse to be frightened, or controlled, you immediately face ridicule or condemnation as I have in England."

Giving our Minds away
In his talks, Icke connects and links conspiracy ideas with the spiritual. He first explains how we are giving our minds away and the means through which we are conditioned to do that. He discloses a vast number of names and organizations which are very famous, and of people who are in the controlling hierarchy, including the US President. He says, "I do not do this out of condemnation because the people involved are expressing their own state of being at the time, they are also reflecting back to us the collective human mind itself and the results of our own lack of personal responsibility and integrity. I think that it is important to do this first."

"I also point out how the same people on apparently different sides of politics are actually connected to the same elite organizations. These organizations have the same proven agenda of a world government, a world central bank, a world army, a world currency, and some say a microchipped population. These apparent opposites in politics are there to persuade us that we are not living in a prison, that we have a choice. Yet these persons are not opposites at all but are part of a one-party state. The last two US Presidents were apparently opposites and on different sides - Bill Clinton and George Bush - yet they were both heavily involved within the same elite organizations."

Of Myths and Media
"The media and politicians have a cosy unwritten agreement that projects a myth to people which is that prime ministers, presidents, and high-ranking politicians are the top of the decision-making pyramid in the world. They then walk around the world stage and act as if they are the final arbiters of power. The media goes along with this, which means that the echelons above the Clintons, who actually pull the strings, never get researched and investigated because they are invisible to the public. These are the individuals who decide who becomes president because they own the money and the media. The President is only the most famous front-man in the world."

Introduce Love and Compassion
"This is also why movements for social, economic, and environmental changes are ineffective. They are unable to change the system because they are actually forced to be part of the system to survive. All of their resources are expended on the front-men while the real power acts subversively behind the scenes to perpetrate the system as it is now. Also, through non-profit foundations operated by the elite, many are infiltrated by agents who turn the movements into vehicles to promote the system. Most activists attack the elements of the system they can perceive with anger, blame, and often violence. From a spiritual perspective, it is only possible to transform the negative consciousness of the system with love and compassion. This is why it is so necessary at this time to move to a higher state of consciousness to solve our world problems."

Mass Mind Control
A mass mind-controlling technique which is used by these elite organizations all the time is the 'problem-reaction-solution.' A problem is covertly created (by the CIA, KGB, etc) and someone is blamed for the problem. The culprit might be a war, a run on the currency, national debt, or a government collapse. It can be anything. The media is used to stimulate public opinion in relationship to the created problem so that the public cries out, "Something must be done!" At that point, those who created the problem openly offer the solution as a means of getting what they wanted all along.

Bosnia and Rwanda
"An example of this," Icke explains, "is the world army scenario. The last thing that the 'problem-reaction-solution' needed in Bosnia was an 'effective' UN peace-keeping operation. If it was effective, it would have been so in Rwanda and Somalia, but then there would be no problem to solve. So, as a result of the UN peace-keeping operation not working, there continued to be a problem. The UN peace-keeping was designed not to work and was aided by the major peace negotiators in Bosnia who incidentally are all members in the same elite organizations that have as an agenda the creation of a world army."

Something Must be Done!
"The more horrific the pictures that came out of Bosnia, the louder came the public outcry, "Something must be done!" This was understandable from the public's point of view, but the solution put forward was the formation of what is effectively a world army, a 60,000-man force ... the largest multinational force assembled since World War II and exactly what the conspirators wanted."

Conspiracy vs Spiritual
Icke operates on two different levels, the here-and-now, the conspiratorial research level to assess what is actually taking place, and the spiritual which demonstrates that if you take your mind away, there are physical consequences. He says, "If we take our personal and spiritual power back, stop being a herd of sheep and express our unique, divine individuality, then the ability of a few to control our world disappears. Once people realize they can control their own lives, that their own power exists within them rather than outside of themselves ... the game is over for the global elite. You don't need a gun. You don't need another political party. You don't need another smoke-filled room, protest group, or rally. All you need is to celebrate your uniqueness, de-link from the robotic herd mentality, and respect everybody's right to do the same. Suddenly we have removed the (energy) vehicle through which a global conspiracy can operate our herd mentality."

Earth Energies
Icke has also been working extensively with what he calls 'earth energies' and has travelled to Peru, Canada, Africa, and over much of Europe, especially Britain, doing planetary healing work. He explains, "We are the custodians of Mother Earth and have access to higher consciousness. We can act as facilitators to heal and balance many of the disturbances in the earth through a grid system known as ley lines and power spots. These power spots act like acupuncture points on the earth's surface and the ley lines as meridians and are easily disrupted by acts of violence (war), toxic pollution, construction, etc. We have the ability to work with higher consciousness to heal and balance the earth."

When asked where he got all his information, Icke explained, "Many people within government and intelligence agencies as well as the military have known for a long time what is going on, but have not known what to do with the information. They are choosing to give it to me because they know that I will put it out into the world. I keep saying to people the worst thing that can happen to me is that my consciousness moves to another time/space reality, and that's the absolute worst thing that could happen! This fear of death is probably the most effective means of control the conspirators have. The truth is; there is no death - only the movement of consciousness between infinite time/space realities. We are in fact immortal, individualized units of consciousness."

The Truth Will Set You Free
His lecture, "The Truth Will Set You Free," exposes the controlling interest groups active in the world and what individuals can do to turn the tide of world events. In his workshop he explains the methods used by the controlling forces to prevent knowledge of our true spiritual nature and the phenomenal power we have to create our own reality. It is the suppression of this knowledge which has allowed the control of the many by the very few. He gives techniques for breaking free of robotic programming and methods of tapping into our true spiritual potential. Earth healing techniques using meditation and rituals will also be presented. Participants will be encouraged to become part of a worldwide group of individuals dedicated to healing themselves and Mother Earth.

If you would like more information on David Icke's lectures and workshops, please email me.

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