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upEnigma Issue 16: Contents
Spring 1998

 · Pauls regular editorial comment.

In-depth investigation into The Bilderberg Group
 · Paul Vigay investigates the origins and history of the Bilderberg Group

Bilderberg Attendees
 · A list of attendees at the 1998 Bilderberg Conference

Crop Formations and the Secrets of Deception
 · by Chad Deetken

News Roundup
 · Arthur C.Clarke on UFOs, UK Bishops put their faith in aliens, Chirps and Buzzing in the ears, UFOs detected by Raytheon, ET Phoning Home?, Fluoride in drinking water linked to bone cancer, Oldest astronimical monument found

Turning the Tide of World Events
 · An interview with David Icke by Joseph W.Duggan

UK 1998 Crop Circle Database
 · A listing of crop circles from the 1998 season

UFO Report
 · 24,000 mph UFO buzzes Britain

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