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upEnigma Issue 16: Bilderberg Attendees 1998
by Paul Vigay | Spring 1998

GB	Carrington, Peter	Former chairman of the board, Christies International PLC; Former Secretary General, NATO.
Honorary Secretary General:
NL	Halberdstadt, Victor	Professor of Public Economics, Laiden University
I	Agnelli, Giovanni	Honorary Chairman, Fiat
USA	Allaire, Paul A	Chairman, Xerox
E	Almunia Amann, Joaquin	Secretary General, Socialist Party    
P	Balsemao, Francisco Pinto	Professor of Communication Science, New University, Lisbon; Chairman, IMPRESA, S.G.P.S.; Former Prime Minister
S	Barnevik, Percy	Chairman Asea Brown Boveri
TR	Bayar, Ugur	Chairman, Privitisation Administration
I	Bernabe, Franco	Managing Director, ENI
D	Bertram, Christoph	Director, Foundation Science and Policy, Former Diplomatic Correspondent
NL	Beugel, Ernst H van der	Emeritus Professor of International Relations, Leiden University
CDN	Black, Conrad	Chairman, The Telegraph
INT	Bonino, Emma	Member of the EC
INT	Brittan, Leon	Vice President of the EC
GB	Browne, John	Group Chief Executive, B.P.
IRL	Bruton, John	Leader of Fine Gael
GB	Buchanon, Robin	Senior Partner, Bain and Co.
D	Burda, Hubert	Chairman, Burda Media
E	Carvajal Urquijo, Jaime	Chairman, Dresdner Kleinwort Benson
I	Cavalchini, Luigi	Permanent E.U. Rep.
TR	Com, Ismail	Minister of Foreign Affairs
CDN	Chretien, Raymond	Ambassador to the U.S.
RUS	Chubais, Anatoli	Former Vice Prime Minister; Chairman RAO EES
GB	Clarke, Kenneth	Member of Parliament
F	Collomb, Bertrand	Chairman and CEO Lafarge
INT	Courtis, Kenneth	Vice President, Research Dept., Deutsche Bank Asia Pacific
P	Coutinho, Vasco Pereira	Chairman, IPC Holding
INT	Crockett, Andrew	General ManAger, Bank for International Settlements
GR	David, George	Chairman of the Board, Hellenic Bottling Company
B	Davignon, Etienne	Executive Chairman, Societe Generale de Belgique
USA	Deutch, John	Institute Professor, MIT, Dept. of Chemistry. Former Director General, CIA
CDN	Dion, Stephanie	Queens Privy Council for Canada and Minister of Intergovernment Affairs
USA	Donilon, Thomas	Partner, O'Melveny and Myers. Former Assistant Secretary of State, and Chief of Staff, U.S. Department of State.
DK	Ellemann-Jensen, Uffe	Chairman, Liberal Party
D	Engelen-Kefer, Ursula	Deputy Chairman of the Board of Management, DGB
USA	Feldstein, Martin	President and CEO, MNational Bureau of Economic Research.
INT	Fischer, Stanley	Deputy Managing Director, IMF
USA	Forrester, Lynn	President and CEO, FirstMark Holdings
USA	Gadiesh, Orit	Chairman of the Board, Bain and Co.
F	Gregorin, Jean-Louis	Member of the Board of Directors, Matra Hachette
TR	Gezgin Eris, Meral	President IKV (Economic Development Foundation)
B	Goossens, John	President and CEO, Belgacom
GB	Grierson, Ronald	Former Vice Chairman, GEC
USA	Grossman, Marc	Assistant Secretary, US Dept. of State
F	Guetta, Bernard	Editor in Chief, Le Nouvel Observateur
GB	Hague, William	Leader of the Opposition
GB	Hannay, David	Prime Ministers Personal Envoy to Turkey
USA	Hoagland, Jim	Associate Editor, The Washington Post 
N	Hoegh, Westye	Chairman of the Board, Leif Hoegh and Co.
NL	Hoeven, Cees H. van der	President, Royal Ahold
USA	Hoge, Jr., James F.	Editor, Foreign Affairs       
GB	Hogg, Christopher	Chairman, Reuters Group
USA	Holbrooke, Richard C.	Former Assistant Secretary for European Affairs; Vice Chairman, CS First Boston 
P	Horta e Costa, Miguel	Vice President, Portugal Telecom
D	Ishinger, Wolfgang	Political Director, Foreign Office
D	Issing, Otmar	Member of the Board, Deutsche Bundesbank
GB	Jenkins, Michael	Vice Chairman, Dresdner Kleinwort Benson
USA	Johnson, James A.	Chairman and CEO, FannieMae
USA	Jordan, Jr., Vernon	Senior Partner, Akin, Gump, Strauss, Hauer and Feld, LLP
GB	Kaletsky, Anatole	Associate Editor, The Times
GR	Karamanlis, Kostas A.	Leader of the Opposition
TR	Kirac, Suna	Vice Chairman of the Board, Koc Holding, A.S.
USA	Kissinger, Henry	Former Secretary of State; Chairman, Kissinger Associates
INT	Kohnstamm, Max	Senior Consultant, The European Policy Center
D	Kopper, Hilmar	Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Deutsche Bank A.G.
NL	Korteweg, Pieter	President and CEO, Robeco Group
CZ	Kovanda, Karel	Head of Mission of Czech Republic to NATO and the WEU
USA	Kravis, Henry R.	Founding Partner, Kohlberg Kravis Roberts and Co.
USA	Kravis, Marie-Josee	Senior Fellow, Hudson Institute
USA	Leschly, Jan	CEO Smithkline Beecham
F	Levy-Lang, Andre	Chairman of the Board of Management, Paribas
FIN	Lipponen, Paavo	Prime Minister
DK	Lykketoft, Mogens	Minister of Finance
CDN	MacMillan, Margaret	Editor, International Journal, Canadian Institute of International Affairs, University of Toronto
I	Masera, Rainer 	Director General, I.M.I.S.P.A.
USA	Matthews, Jessica	President, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
USA	McDonough, William J.	President, Federal Reserve Bank of New York
D	Nass, Matthias	Deputy Editor, Zie Deit
NL	Her Majesty	Queen of the Netherlands
PL 	Olechowski, Andrzej	Chairman, Central Europe Trust, Poland
FIN	Ollila, Jorma	President and CEO, Nokia Corporation
I	Padoa-Schioppa, Tommaso	Chairman, CONSOB
GR	Papandreou, George A.	Alternate Minister for Foreign Affairs
INT	Prendergast, Kieran	Under-Secertary General for Political Affairs, United Nations
USA	Prestowitz, Clyde V.	President, Economic Strategy Institute
A	Puhringer, Othmar	Chairman of Managing Board, VA-Technologie AG
GB	Purves, William	Group Chairman, HSBC Holdings
CH	Pury, David de	Chairman, de Pury Pictet Turrettini and Co.
A	Randa, Gerhard	Chairman of the Managing Board, Bank of Austria
USA	Rhodes, William	Vice Chairman, CitiBank, N.A.
GB	Robertson, George	Secretary of State for Defence
USA	Rockefeller, David	Chairman, Chase Manhattan Bank International Advisory Committee
E	Rodriguez Inciarte, Matias	Vice Chairman, Banco de Santander
GB	Roll, Eric	Senior Advisor, SBC Warburg Dillon Read
GB	Rothschild, Evelyn de	Chairman, N M Rothschild and Sons
D	Schremp, Jurgen	Chairman of the Board of Mangagement, Daimler Benz
DK	Seidenfaden, Toger	Editor in Chief, Politiken
I	Siniscalco, Domenico	Professor of Economics; Director of Fondazione ENI Enrico Mattei
INT	Solana Madariaga, Javier	Seceretary General, NATO
P	Sousa, Marcelo Rebelo de	Leader of the PSD Party
N	Storvik, Kjell	Governor, Bank of Norway
PL 	Suchoka, Hanna 	Minister of Justice
USA	Summers, Lawrence	Deputy Secretary for International Affairs, US Department of the Treasur
IRL	Sutherland, Peter D	Chairman, Goldman Sachs International; Chairman, British Petroleum Comapany
GB	Taylor, J. Martin	Group Chief Executive, Barclays 
USA	Thomas, G. Richard	President and CEO, Xerox Corporation
N	Udgaard, Nils M	Foreign Editor, Aftenposten
CH	Vasella, Daniel	CEO Novartis
USA	Vink, Lodewijk J.R. de	President and CEO, Warner Lambert Company
FIN	Virkkunen, Janne	Senior Editor in Chief, Helsingin Sanomat
B	Vits, Mia de	General Secretary, ABVV-FGTB
A	Vranitzky, Franz	Former Federal Chancellor
INT	Vries, Gijs M. de	Leader of the Liberal Group, European Parliament
S	Wallengerg, Jacob	Chairman of the Board, Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken
USA	Whitman, Christine Todd	Governor of New Jersey
D	Wissman, Matthias	Federal Minister for Transport
INT	Wolfensohn, James D.	President, the World Bank
D	Wolff von Amerongen, Otto	Chairman and CEO of Otto Wolff GmbH
USA 	Wolfowitz, Paul	Dean, Nitze School of Advanced International Studies, Former Under Secretary of Defense for Policy
USA	Yost, Sasimir	Director, Institute for the Study of Diplomacy, School of Foreign Service, Georgetown University, Washington
GB	Micklethwait, John	Business Editor, The Economist
GB	Wooldridge, Adrian	Foriegn Correspondent, The Economist.


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