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upEnigma Issue 15: Contents
Winter 1997

 · Pauls regular editorial comment.

1997 Crop Circle Research report
 · An update on the research carried out during 1997

 · The Cold Within

News Roundup
 · News: New Evidence of Anti-Gravity, First Observation of Space-Time Distortion by Black Holes, Possible CIA indirect disclosure of UFO cover-up, Possible UFO crash in Texas, Wordwide Meditation planned for Jan 1998, Clinton exempts the government from "alleged" crimes at Area 51, 'Teleport' Reality?, Largest Henge Circle in Britain discovered

Things that go Bump in the Night
 · A report by John Vigay

UFO Sightings Roundup
 · (Reports from around the world)

UFO Control System and the New World Order
 · by Noah's Dove

 · Start 1998 UFO Awareness Campaign

An Open Letter to Tony Blair P.M.
 · A letter to Tony Blair, asking him about UFO awareness and how much the government is covering up.

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