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upEnigma Issue 14: Crop Circle Analysis - The 'Tree of Life' formation
by Paul Vigay | Summer 1997

One of the first formations to appear during the 1997 crop circle season appeared near to the ancient Barbury Castle hillfort, just north of Marlborough in Wiltshire.

Resembling the Tree of Life symbol, some people have seen it as a significant formation demonstrating intelligence in it's creation. When I first saw an aerial shot of the formation I was sceptical as to its origins because of the perfect alignment of it's circles with the tramlines in the field (see fig.1)

Tree of Life overlay
Fig.1 Photo of the crop formation with the Tree of Life superimposed over the top. The Tree of Life can be derived from the Flower of Life, and uses very special sacred geometry. As you can see from this diagram, the formation in the field has proportions which are too wide if you fit it to the correct geometry. The outer six circles have obviously been moved out to align with the tramlines, thus the geometry of the actual crop formation is incorrect when compared to the correct sacred geometry.

Accurate Analysis
I decided to do some accurate analysis using my newly developed Thoth™ computer software, which was capable of accurately scaling an aerial photograph and simultaneously overlaying a geometrically perfect Tree of Life, found using sacred geometry.

At this point, I should perhaps divert to give some background to the Tree of Life, in itself a vast and often misunderstood subject - and one which I believe has special significance to current crop circle research.

Biblical Origins
The origins of the Tree of Life are probably lost forever in the mists of time, but I think I am sufficiently accurate to say that it dates from around the time of the Old Testament in The Bible. Some sources refer to it as being taught to Adam, in Eden by the Archangel Gabriel and then passed on 'from mouth to ear', whereas other texts quote Moses as being the chosen one, and his history is told in the book of Exodus in The Bible.

Either way, it's origins seem to stem from Jewish tradition and form the basis of a mystery school called the Qabalah (or Cabala in Christian tradition).

Incorrect Geometry
Although the geometry of the crop formation is not correct, leading me to be suspicious of the formation, I decided to investigate the origins of the Qabalah to see if there are any lessons to be learnt in order to find a positive outcome from a potentially negative 'hoaxed' formation.

Significance after all...
This is where the trail started getting interesting and what made me decide that this is indeed a significant formation, whatever it's origin. I think a lot of researchers who have been investigating the circles for many years have almost got tired of the "is it a hoax or is it genuine" argument - one which incidentally, can never be decided one way or another (see 'Bluntening Occam's razor, also in this issue).

There is More!
A lot of people, myself included, believe that circles research has now elevated beyond the physical 'flattened corn' to something on a higher, more spiritual, plane. For us, the circles have served their purpose and we strive for higher knowledge still - coming through meditation and perseverance with ongoing research into other dimensions.

I think this formation serves as a reminder to all circles researchers to look within and to the invisible universe, rather than the physical 'corn in the field' universe.

The Qabalah is a complex, yet simple philosophy. It is positive-negative, man- woman, a balance between inner feelings and outer experiences and the realisation that seemingly complex problems often have simple solutions.

It is a tree spreading it's branches throughout all of creation, yet reconciles all diversity in unity. Although it has many branches, it is all a connected whole. Some would argue that it is a classification of everything - nothing exists which cannot be placed in one or other of it's ten Sephiroth, or spheres.

A Higher Meaning
The Tree of Life is essentially a summary of the Qabalah and can be referred to as a 'map of the Universe'. Each sphere and path has a specific meaning and the whole tree is sub-divided into regions. These connect to the 'Holy name of God', the Tetragrammaton.

Although it would probably take an entire book to describe the Tree of Life in full (I hope to include further thoughts in future issues) it basically consists of four worlds;

Atziluth, represented by fire and creative energy.
Briah, represented by water and receptive energy.
Yetzirah, represented by air and formative energy.
Assiah, represented by earth and material energy.

Each of the twenty two connecting paths in the Tree of Life also holds special meaning and holds a unique relationship with the rest of the tree.

You will find that throughout history, people have associated many philosophies and teachings with that of the Qabalah. Tarot cards can be used to go on a spiritual journey as far or as deep as needed and much significance and meaning is derived from the Tree of Life.

Life Energy
The Tree of Life also plays a significant part in Numerology, or the study of the significance of numbers. It helps explain the Chakra system within the human body. The word 'chakra' is Sanskrit for 'wheel' - and can be described as a wheel of energy within the body. Chakra's are often described as a lotus, or ball, and each rotate in all directions and vibrate to a specific frequency.

Forces Within
The Tree of Life can be divided into eight layers which, if the two central ones are joined, corresponds to the seven chakra's within the human body (fig.2). The chakra system forms a powerful energy grid within the human body and can be used for healing as well as meditation.

Fig.2 The Tree of Life showing the seven chakras.

Western tradition is based upon theory, proven by tests and then accumulated into statistical data, whereas Eastern tradition teaches that nothing is accepted unless it is experienced as a personal truth. This is very true of crop circles where personal experience is very much an essence of our individual paths.

People practising Laya yoga will also be aware of the powerful Kundalini force spiralling its way through the chakras. This energy is described as a coiled up snake lying dormant in the base chakra.

Awakening Spirals
The purpose of Laya yoga is to awaken the Kundalini and raise it up through the other six chakras. The technique of this will be taught in future articles, but essentially this energy can be made to spiral, almost DNA like, up through the chakra system while the Yin and Yan channels change position and the Kundalini resumes it's slumber position in the base chakra.

The action of this energy is also known as the Caduceus and is shown as a double-helix snake twisting itself around the Tree of Life.

I mentioned earlier that the Tree of Life encompasses a good, or positive world. It also has an evil or negative side to it. All humans possess these positives and negatives. It is important to recognise the dark side within. Only then can one choose to live in the light where ignorance is no excuse. Only by experiencing evil can we marvel at the wonder of what is good.

The Gateway to Beyond
The Tree of Life is actually three dimensional, and the non-numbered sphere, called Daath, is the gateway to the dark side of the Tree.

By being aware of the power within we have the power to change our external environment. How often have you heard the phrase "you create your own reality". This is explained in more depth in my article, "From Science to Spirituality" (also in this issue), but essentially means that the mind is a very powerful instrument.

From a more scientific perspective, the various regions of the Tree of Life also correspond to different brainwave patterns; Beta, Alpha, Theta and Delta. This is a topic of ongoing research, so will be covered in future issues.

Learning our Lessons
By studying the various teachings of the Tree of Life, it has helped me have a better understanding of crop circle research. To this end, I see the Tree of Life crop circle not just as 'flattened corn' which may or may not be man-made, but as a whole concept of where we are in the subject.

The Qabalah can help people express true feelings and thoughts to enhance relationships with others. This lesson teaches us to be honest with one another and to respect that each of us have our own views and theories as to the crop circle mystery. Each opinion is as good and valid as any other and we should respect this.

The Qabalah also assists with the realisation that bizarre behaviour in others is not necessarily bad. This lesson teaches us that hoaxers and meddlers also have an important role to play in the subject. Let not us judge others, should they judge us.

The Qabalah demonstrates the discovery that a balance between feminine and masculine creates harmony and peace. This lesson teaches us to keep things in perspective and to allow both sides of our consciousness to function equally.

The Qabalah can show the realisation that apparently complex problems often have simple solutions. This lesson teaches us to look at things in new and different ways. Often the solution is staring us in the face, but we are too busy searching for an answer to actually spot the answer.

The Qabalah teaches the knowledge that each individual has a unique purpose to fulfil in the universe during this lifetime. This lesson teaches us that every single person holds a unique piece of the cosmic jigsaw and even if a single piece is missing, the picture is not complete. Each individual person is no more and no less important than the next person.

The Path of Life
There are many other teachings in the Qabalah and I think the more you meditate on the subject, the further along the path you will travel. What we must remember is that it is not a race. We will all get to the end destination, even though we may travel many different paths. Each person has their own journey to follow, and their own Tree of Life to experience.

I think this formation is significant, not because of it's quality, or even authenticity, but because of the many messages and lessons it can teach us. It has highlighted the Tree of Life, which many people may not have experienced before.

Who's Right? Who's Wrong?
It has made many people look inwards for answers. There are many different politics and viewpoints expressed in the crop circle fraternity. People fall out with others and let ego's get in the way of research. Many people hold onto the belief that every crop circle is genuine and decry anyone who claims otherwise.

I think this formation should serve as a balance between scientific and spiritual, ego and ordinary, love and fear. It's also interesting to note that it has arrived in 1997. Seven years after a lot of people had their first awakening or awareness of the changes on the planet.

1990 Re-Visited
Seven is a significant number and if that first 'calling' was the higher consciousness entering our base chakra, we are now at our seventh, or crown, chakra. People experienced significant changes in their lives around 1990. I think the next stage of awareness is occurring in 1997 as the energy shifts from our body, through our crown chakra, out to the universe above. Some people are experiencing smaller, yet still significant, changes and energies now in 1997 and I belief these energies will get stronger still until we all reach the ultimate goal.

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