Enigma Journal: From Science to Spirituality
Enigma Issue 14: Summer 1997

Mans Path to Higher Consciousness

nextback Over the past seven years of my research I have investigated many aspects of the evolving crop circle mystery and made many interesting discoveries regarding mankind's elevating levels of consciousness.

The Message of Crop Circles
It's funny how researching crop circles can lead onto other, equally challenging and inspiring, topics such as UFO research, meditation techniques, new mathematics and physics and not least a powerful spiritual awakening within the soul.

This has led me forward on the path I refer to as "From Science to Spirituality", and will hopefully be the title of a forthcoming book I hope to write over the coming winter months.

Pieces of the Jigsaw
I believe that we all hold pieces of the cosmic jigsaw. Whatever our individual views or opinions on crop circles and other unexplained events, I believe there is an underlying strand of order within the seemingly chaotic subjects we research.

Sychronistic Research
Having spoken to many researchers over the past years I have often been surprised at the number of coincidences or synchronicities which have occurred, both in our lives and everyday existence, but also in cross-over points in our respective research.

Linking the Pieces
It is my belief that all of the various ideas within the unexplained subjects are all linked together and we just need to arrange the pieces in a way which yields the overall picture.

Some of the content in this article has been inspired by conversations, meditations and even dreams I have had during the course of my research and one thing which seems to occur more than anything else is the idea of waves or oscillations and harmonics.

Harmonic Resonance
I believe that everything in the universe consists of many different harmonics which combine to form the unique identity of the item we are observing.

Each of these harmonies creates resonance in other objects and it is the way these waveforms interact which gives us the universe around us.

This can be illustrated if one was to pluck a string on a violin. The resulting tone may create objects on your desk to shake or oscillate and rattle. This is caused by the harmonic resonance between the two objects and creates a specific bond between every object in the universe and every other object.

The theory I have been working on is so simple, yet can explain everything. Ultimately it comes down to quantum physics and the nature of individual atoms and electrons within objects, but I shall try to avoid technical terminology in this brief introductory article.

I believe that this theory can explain life after death, crop circles, ancient knowledge, ley lines, ghosts, UFOs, ESP, spiritual healing and even, ultimately, sources of free and alternative energies.

One Hundred Monkeys
It can also explain, scientifically, how the famous one hundred monkey syndrome works and graphically demonstrate it's effectiveness.

Graphical Interactions
At a simple level, let us imaging two different waveforms (see fig.1). I have illustrated these as the dotted lines on the graph. It doesn't matter what the exact waveform is, but notice the peaks (high points) and troughs (low points), Now look at the continuous line. This is the sum of the two dotted lines added together.

Diagram showing the combined waveform produced by two different waveforms

Notice that where the two original lines peak, the resulting sum is a greater peak. Note also that where the continuous (ie. sum) crosses over the base line (indicated by the straight horizontal line labelled x), you will find that the two dotted lines equal each other, but one is a peak (positive) and the other a trough (negative).

The Signature Harmonic
This is a simple example to show the interaction of just two waveforms. In real life, things would be composed of millions and millions of composite waveforms. However, the combination (or addition) of these many waveforms will still form a unique signature waveform of the relevant object (the continuous line in the example above).

This line is what I call the signature harmonic of an object and is, ultimately, the only thing that counts. If you like, it's the end result that counts, not how you get there. For example, if the end result is five, the components could be one plus four or two plus three or one plus two plus two, or even six minus one.

How to Create our own Reality
If we can shape the end result - the signature harmonic - then this is what is meant by "creating our own reality". We may want the end result (reality) to be six for example, and we may know that our current state of being is two. If we could artificially create a waveform equivalent to four then we would be creating our own reality by generating the correct waveform to produce the correct total.

Tuning the Frequencies
This is just another simple example, imagining that everything just has two waveforms, but the same principle applies irrespectively of how many waveforms form an object. For example, if we know what signature harmonic we wish to create, all we need to do is to work out what the harmonic of all other waveforms currently is and add or subtract from the signature harmonic to give our required tuning signal.

By creating a waveform that is exactly the same as our target waveform, but exactly out of phase, so that each peak on one waveform is a trough on the other and vice versa we will end up with a signature waveform of exactly zero because the two waveforms will cancel each other out (fig.2)

[image e014b2.gif]
Diagram showing two waves out of phase and, thus cancelling each other out.

Harmonic Healing
Imagine the impact of being able to detect the waveform of a cancer cell for instance, and being able to generate a new harmonic which would resonate with the original cancer in order to cancel it out completely.

Forgotten Knowledge
It is my belief, shared by many others, that we can create these realities merely by using the untapped 90% of our brains, by meditation and utilising the 'power of the mind'.

Electromagnetic Research Findings
Over the past few years I have been detecting measurable electromagnetic anomalies in and around some crop formations. This has led me to believe that the force which makes the 'genuine' crop circles is causing a temporary disruption of the electromagnetic fields around the area affected.

These signals, whatever creates them, seem to resonate with the signature harmonic of the standing crop so that a disruptive harmonic ripples down the stem of the crop creating an undue force between the cells in a horizontal fashion so that a higher pressure or lower pressure on one side will force the stem over in a preset fashion.

Vortex Energies
This will often occur in a spiral or circular, vortex fashion which is why many of the crop circles have such an elaborate floor swirl.

Rather than the merely atmospheric vortexes proposed by Dr.Terence Meaden in the 1980's, I believe the vortex effect is multi-dimensional in nature (see Circular Dimensions in Enigma issues 1 & 2) and thus creates ripples and resonances in the space-time continuum around the crop circle site.

Crop Circle Testing
Because everything in the universe has it's own set of harmonics within, every person visiting a crop formation will leave minute ripples of their own harmonics resonating within the crop circle long after they have visited. This is one reason I try to visit crop circles as soon as possible, so that the minimum of additional harmonics have been introduced to the crop circle 'signature'.

Due to extensive testing over time, I have found that even when some crop circles exhibit significant electro-magnetic anomalies, they return over time to their original readings. This period generally varies but seems to be in the order of around eight weeks. In other words, those crop circles that have exhibited high or low readings (relative to the standing crop outside the formation) give no anomalous readings after approximately eight weeks - quicker if visited by many people.

Positive Results
This effect was particularly apparent in the 'treble Julia set' formation at Windmill Hill near Avebury, Wiltshire in 1996, where I obtained significantly different background EM readings inside the formation to those outside.

The Koch curve formation at Silbury Hill this year (1997) also exhibited anomalous EM readings. A full report will appear in the next issue.

I believe that there is no coincidence as to where the genuine crop circle designs appear. They all seem to be positioned near to Earth energy points - either ley lines or ancient and sacred sites. This, I believe, is no accident.

The Keys to Consciousness
I also believe that the timing of the events is not down to chance either. I believe that there are five significant aspects within the cosmic jigsaw. I have called these the five keys to consciousness. They are;

  • 1. Harmonics (sound)
  • 2. Colour (light)
  • 3. Location (sacred sites)
  • 4. Shape (form)
  • 5. Frequency (time)
  • I believe that the culmination of these five things creates the energy which creates our reality. They all play a part in our multi-dimensional universe. I am currently conducting some experiments to test this theory and these ideas will play a major role in future Enigma articles.

    A number of people, including UFO Investigator Roy Dutton, have calculated the ideal times and locations which may result in UFO sightings.

    Ley Lines are said to channel energy across the Earth Grid, and visualising colour can result in powerful meditations.

    Remembering the Past
    I also don't think that this is a new theory, or one that is just mine. I think I just happen to be remembering ancient knowledge that has been forgotten through the ages. Many people around the world are also re-discovering the same knowledge.

    Explaining 100 Monkeys
    This knowledge seems to be spreading via what is known as the One Hundred Monkey principle, which is based on the premise that once one hundred members of a species have worked out how to do something, then the knowledge seems to magically pass automatically to the entire species.

    This idea, of a global consciousness, was popularised by Rupert Sheldrake in his excellent 1988 book entitled "The Presence of the Past", in which he explains it in terms of 'morphic resonance'.

    Explaining ESP and Telepathy
    Effectively, every time you have a thought or idea you release a stream of brain wave forms which propagate through your aura and send out a 'thought form' into the universe around you. This thought form can interact with things around you and if you send out the correct thought form things can be affected. This idea can help to explain ESP and psycho-kinesis (the ability to move objects by the mind) and telepathy is merely the next step, whereby someone else can tune into and receive the thought form you transmit.

    This sounds far-fetched but look around yourself now. Can you see anything? Sure, you can see the furniture in your room, or perhaps other people, or a view through a window. What about TV signals, or radio signals? You cannot see them but all around us are waveforms that are invisible to our five 'normal' senses.

    Hitting the Threshold
    I think this is the way the one hundred monkey syndrome works. Imagine the waveforms of people all around the world, each like the dotted lines in figure 1. If you looked at the combined waveform of all these harmonics you would get a line similar to the continuous one. Note that the continuous one goes off the top of the graph when it gets to the right. You will notice that the sum of all the composite waveforms is always bigger than the individual waveforms themselves; The whole is bigger than the individual parts. Now imagine some hypothetical line along the top of the graph, crossing which will flip the world into the fifth dimension or awakening the dormant spirituality within us.

    There will be some point immediately before the summed waveform crosses this line (99 monkeys) at which the addition of a single waveform will make the sum total cross the line. This is my belief as to how the principle works. The actual number is hypothetical, but at some point the combined consciousness will hit some magical target value which will then initiate resonances in other things (people) who will also start to resonate at the new frequency.

    Moving Matter by Sound
    A technique similar to this was demonstrated around 1800 by a German acoustical physicist called Ernst Chladni who demonstrated that rubbing a violin bow vertically up and down the edge of a round metal plate onto which he had sprinkled some sand, created strange circular patterns as the sand vibrated to the tones created by the bow.

    Chladni's pioneering work, which demonstrated that sound could move matter, took nearly 100 years before it was re-discovered by Swiss scientist Hans Jenny who devoted his life to this new science he called "cymatics".

    It is my belief that the huge stones forming ancient stone circles such as Stonehenge and Avebury could possibly have been moved their vast distances by using a form of cymatics. A similar event was witnessed by a Dr Jarl, an Oxford University student, in Tibet in 1939 when he photographed Tibetan monks levitating a five ton stone slab purely by the tones of 19 musical instruments. Further research into these ideas will form future articles.

    The Next World
    There are millions upon millions of frequencies oscillating at levels way outside our limited physical senses. People such as Sir Oliver Lodge, William Crookes and Arthur Findlay were investigating these other frequencies - or dimensions - at the turn of the century, when they were trying to scientifically explain life after death.

    Life after death can be easily explained in this manner and many experiments have proven that this is indeed the case; that when we die, the soul is separate from the body and merely resonates at a higher frequency. This is why some people, called Mediums, can communicate with the departed. They are merely tuning their own signature harmonic to resonate with the frequencies in the 'next world', much like a human short-wave radio.

    Suppressing the Evidence
    Yet orthodox science, and especially the church, refused to acknowledge this research and people like Arthur Findlay had their books and work suppressed. However, the tide is turning and more and more people are now realising the way the universe really works and the knowledge cannot be suppressed for much longer.

    Crop Circle Music
    Last year I created a cassette tape containing music created entirely from crop circle pictures, using a computer programme I developed. I am currently investigating the possibility that playing particular tones inside a crop formation or at a sacred site may enhance meditational techniques.

    This area of research seems to span many different angles and concepts, but at the end of the day is actually quite simple, everything being formed by the sum of waveforms. Imagine when you meet someone for the first time. Sometimes you 'click' with them on some level or feel 'love at first sight' or don't like them but can't explain why.

    Connecting with People
    Now examine the situation from a harmonic perspective. All that is happening is that the waveforms emanating from you are interacting with other people. Some will be in phase and thus amplified (a feeling of love) or some may be out of phase which is why you may feel uncomfortable.

    Ancient Knowledge
    I believe the ancient peoples of the world, knew this information and used it in order to build their impressive monuments and temples. The Egyptian pyramids allegedly have hidden chambers underneath them. These I believe were used by the ancients to harness powerful energies via setting up harmonic resonances within them at certain times.

    The Mayans seem to have been well aware of cycles and vibrations, with evidence being available in their pyramids and number systems, including a calendar system which is more accurate than the Gregorian system we use today.

    The Future
    This is merely a preliminary article to introduce you to some of my current research projects. The ideas and theories examined in this article are now forming a major part of my investigations and I hope to be able to share ongoing findings with you in future issues of Enigma.

    By careful studying of the sacred places around us, by using the correct tones and sounds and by preparing our mind to the countless possibilities available to it, we can truly create our own reality and change the world.

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