Enigma Journal: Issue 14 Contents
Enigma Issue 14: Summer 1997

1997 Crop Circle update

A round up of the formations of 1997

Crop Circle Analysis

A detailed analysis of the 1997 'Tree of Life' crop formation which appeared near Barbury Castle.

Roswell Humour

The USAF issues press release about mistaking test dummies for alien bodies. Would you trust these guys to tell the time, let alone control the nuclear button??

Occam's Beard

How to defeat Occams Razor. Paul Vigay discusses the fatal flaws in sceptics arguments when they start muttering about Occams Razor.

Harmonic Resonance - From Science to Spirituality

Paul Vigay describes a theory he's been developing for the past five years.


What is the real truth? We make an undercover investigation.


and news....