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upEnigma Issue 14: Roswell Humour
by Paul Vigay | Summer 1997

Laugh a minute with the USAF !
Not content to try to dismiss the Roswell UFO crash of 1947 as a Project Mogul weather balloon, the US air force has recently released its funniest press release yet.

Since an official report stated that the 1947 crash in the New Mexico desert was no more than a downed weather monitoring balloon, no one really believed what the military put out. The sheer weight of evidence and eye- witness reports begs a better explanation.

However a new report, released just before the 50th anniversary of the event, makes even more laughable reading. Attempting to account for the numerous eye-witness accounts of alien bodies being recovered from the crash site, the report tries to claim that the USAF was involved in some kind of testing operation in the 1950's, involving "anthropomorphic dummies". The official military photograph of these dummies is reproduced below, but to me looks as much alien-like as a shop manikin.

In fact, the whole story is the most absurd claim yet and, I believe, helps to fuel the evidence of a major cover-up.

Do these honestly look like the extraterrestrials reportedly seen at Roswell???


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