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upEnigma Issue 13: Poem
by Denzil Fairbairn

Passing the Dawn, passing the day,
passing the night away,
Passing by all of God's gifts to us,
not hearing what they have to say,
Passing by flowers, passing by trees,
passing by grass that is green,
Not giving a thought for but one of these gifts,
nor caring for how they have been,

When Nature speaks out in her own subtle tongue,
trying to make herself heard,
We don't bother to hear what she has to say,
we don't hear but a solitary word,
They're not words as we speak but a picture is given,
to communicate Mother Earth's plight,
Of that which mankind is subjecting her to and which
those of the spirit must fight.

Man, who in his infinite wisdom! and who thinks
he can do her no wrong,
Is gradually destroying her lifeblood,
and will draw her last breath before long,
She can happily thrive without mankind,
whereas we need Mother Earth to survive,
We must learn to accept She is sentient,
She has Spirit and She is alive.

She responds when we scar her and pit her,
reaching out through Earth Spirits of yore,
With mysterious messages set in fields of grain,
which we can't understand, so ignore.
which we can't understand, so ignore.
There will come a time not too distant,
She will set right what we've done wrong.
Then we shall all have to listen,
for we'll realise that we're weak and she's strong.


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