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upEnigma Issue 13: Poem - The Remnant
by Brett Anderson Barney

The Remnant

From among the clans of Judah
Beyond Saturn's furthest ring
Between Neptune and Uranus
On the fringe of memory
Where the Sun is but a distant light that not a man has seen
The sleeping maids of Bethlehem awaken from a dream

"Oh, precious child upon the Nile", the sisters sweetly sing
"Jehova draws you to his side across the troubled sea
Draws you to this sacred place where spirit comes to be
Through the fingers of Europa and the hands of Ganymede"

The chorus then fell silent and a star began to move
Growing a tail like a wind-full sail as it grazed the shepherd moons
Gathering nectar from every flower on every Jovian bloom
Whispering words the maids returned in the rhyme of an ancient tune

"Here in the manger we gather to toil when the burden of
                               man grows great
When he seeks to explore the work of our hands
                              to improve his own perfect state
When he tests the fire of the heavenly forge it is then we are
                                    called to create
A sign of the vow made to man long ago that he lives
                              in the one promised place"

The maids of the cradle fell silent once more and
                              together they closed their eyes
Then quick as a dream dissolves into day the star
                              disappeared in the night
Till the very next morning on a world far away rising ahead
                              of the sun to the east
A solitary shepherd awoke to a light shining bright above
                              the rushes and reeds


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