Enigma Journal: Issue 13 Contents
Enigma Issue 13: Spring 1997


Chad Deetken investigates this Puerto-Rican mystery.

Hale Bopp update

Paul Vigay takes another look to see what's happened to Comet Hale Bopp since the last issue.


Nasa detects mysterious "Gamma-Ray bursts", UFO Sighting in Bombay, Life on Earth 400 million years older than scientists thought, Rare meteorite re-entry surprises scientists, March at Area 51 planned for 1998, Near mid-air collision with UFO, UFO sighting in South Africa, Missing NORAD satellite, UFO sighting over Falkirk, Solar Flare hits Earth, Possible Black Triangle crash in the UK, Possible Vatican/CIA link with Heaven's Gate Suicide Cult

Crop Circle Poem

"The Remnant" by Brett Anderson Barney.

Mars Quest

A look at the various probes and missions to Mars, together with a look at the recent asteroid rumoured to contain evidence of life.

Crop Circle Poem

by Denzil Fairbairn

Book Review

"Awakening to Zero Point - The Collective Initiation" by Gregg Braden