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upEnigma Issue 13: Editorial
by Paul Vigay | 16th Apr 1997

Welcome to another bumper issue of Enigma. As you can see by the increased 'News' section this issue, there is a lot going on at the moment. Not least in the area of space exploration. It seems that 'space' is big business at the moment with probes being sent to distant planets and stars as well as pictures being beamed back by Galileo and Hubble.

Interesting things are also happening on the research front. I am convinced that we are getting closer to piecing the 'cosmic jigsaw puzzle' together. So many different areas of research seem to have linking factors that I am now in the process of linking them all together.

I am planning the first part of my theory for the holistic universe for the next issue, which in turn will be a preview of a book I am currently working on, provisionally titled "From Science to Spirituality". I am also hoping to produce a video to act as an introduction to the book. More news on this in future issues.

As you can probably guess, I am currently having quite a busy time, and I also hope to devote even more time this year to crop circle research. I am hoping to team up with a group of researchers from overseas and, using additional scientific equipment, carry out even more testing this year than in previous years. Again, Enigma readers will be the first to read any interesting results.

I would also like to take this opportunity to welcome many new readers who have subscribed since the last issue, many having browsed my Enigma site on the Internet. I hope you will find this, and future, issues interesting and a stimulation to go on and do your own research and questing.

I am always on the lookout for new areas of interest and research, and indeed sharing other peoples comments. If you feel that you would like to offer anything in the form of an article, letter or poem to other Enigma readers then please write to me at the editorial address (see inside back cover).

If possible, I would appreciate any lengthy articles on computer disc - to save me typing them all in again. I can accept most common disc and word processor/DTP formats including IBM PC, Apple Mac and Acorn RISC OS.

I'm actually feeling very positive about 1997 - perhaps because I think the number of monkeys is nearly reaching the one hundred mark, and we all know what happens then! More about this will be described in issue 14.


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