Enigma Journal: Awakening to Zero Point - The Collective Initiation
Enigma Issue 13: Spring 1997

This book, by Gregg Braden, is one of those books that will change your life. I had actually never heard of it until I started to hear people talking about it on the Internet. It seemed that many people had read it and were astounded by the information it contained. I eagerly ordered a copy from the States.

When it arrived I sat down and started reading it immediately. I soon realised that after a few pages I was unable to put it down. It rang so many bells inside my head. It's difficult to do it justice in a precis such as this - the contents are so detailed, and life changing.

The book details mankind's current transition from the life we've become used to, to a new, higher level of consciousness known as The Fifth Dimension, or 'Zero Point'. It encompasses how our physical universe will change as we enter this new dimension, by explaining the physics and mathematics behind the magnetic pole changes, raising of the Earth's harmonic and electro-magnetic changes now occurring to our Earth.

However, Gregg doesn't leave the reader behind in a maze of technical descriptions. Instead, he has the knack of explaining in the kind of detail that non-physicist's can understand, whilst satisfying the more technical (and perhaps sceptical) reader by his infectious chatty style.

He starts the book by detailing the 'Shift' we are currently embarking on - one that ancient people have predicted for thousands of years. He describes how, in the last few years, we have begun waking up and beginning to use parts of our brain and consciousness we never knew existed.

One interesting diagram, of which the book has plenty, shows how, since 1990 the Earth's frequency (or Schumann Resonance) has begun rising from it's pre-1990 level of 7.8 Hz. This may have some bearing on the crop circles and many people's life changing events which occurred around that time.

The thing I noticed most about the whole book was the way everything in it, seemed to make perfect sense - almost as you knew it all along, but had forgotten it - a point which Braden believes the human race has done as a whole.

We seem to have become disconnected from the souls we once were, and this book is a guide to help the reader remember ancient knowledge. Obviously a book cannot replace direct experience through meditation or whatever, but where this book excels is in putting many of the pieces together and making you think, contemplate and experiment.

He uniquely links together sacred geometry, the Pyramids in Egypt, sound and form with ancient Sanskrit symbols, Drunvalo Melchizedek's Flower of Life, or Matrix of Creation and Chakra points on the body. It's the sort of book you will read and then want to refer back to again and again, purely because of the amount of information contained in it.

Each aspect of the path is explained in easy to understand, non patronising (like some books) way in which the reader will feel a genuine transition of understanding as you read through it.

For example, the geometry of platonic solids (the five regular polyhedron's; the tetrahedron, cube, octahedron, dodecahedron and the icosahedron) are amply explained through the use of examples and diagrams. Their unique connection to the Flower of Life is explained, as is the origins of the Flower and it's inscription on the ancient temple of the Osirion near Luxor on the West bank of the River Nile in Egypt.

This leads the reader into models of consciousness and goes on to explain the vehicle of resurrection/ascension; The Merkaba, or Light Body. Anyone familiar with this form of meditation and the significance of the star tetrahedron will immediately realise the powerful connections that this book helps to clarify.

Towards the end of the book, Braden goes on to examine crop formations and their connection with the other pieces of the 'cosmic jigsaw'. Not only does he attempt to decode some of the elaborate pictograms we have seen over the years, but even goes on to describe how some of them help us to understand and discover some of the mysteries of our own DNA.

I believe that after reading this book, not only will you feel more enlightened as to what is going on as we progress towards the new millennium, but also find that many pieces of the jigsaw you've had poked away in the back of your mind will suddenly fall into place.

A book I have no hesitation in thoroughly recommending to all Enigma readers. I would also go so far as to suggest you rush out and order a copy now - if you haven't already seen it.

Published by Sacred Places/Ancient Wisdom, 1994
ISBN. 0-9648990-4-3
Approx price: £14.99, or $17.95 U.S.