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upEnigma Issue 12: Contents
Winter 1996/97

 · Pauls regular editorial comment.

Hale Bopp: Messenger of the New Millennium or Chunk of Rock?
 · Paul Vigay takes a look at the controversy surrounding the Hale Bopp comet.

Windmill Hill Crop Formation Survey
 · A detailed survey of the 1996 'Treble Julia Set' formation at Avebury Trusloe

Crop Circle hoaxing editorial comment
 · Paul Vigay utters some true words about the crop circle hoaxers and their misguided philosophy.

D-Notices - What are they?
 · An explanation and description of the infamous MOD D-Notices issued on the media to prevent them reporting things.

The Final Conspiracy
 · Adam Whaley describes what he thinks is the agenda behind crop circles and other events taking place in the world.

Crop Circle Poem
 · by Mark Bloomer

Update on the helicopter harassment at Alton Barnes
 · See issue 10 for more info. This follow up gives additional technical information on the helicopter.

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