Enigma Journal: Issue 11 Contents
Enigma Issue 11: Autumn 1996

UFO Sighting

An account of a UFO sighting at West Overton, Wiltshire on 5th Aug 1996

Crop Circles: Losing Sight of the Goal!

Paul Vigay discusses where we've come with crop circle research to date, and where we're heading? Are we still on the right track, or are we getting diverted by disinformation and politics?


UFOs in South Africa, Man-Made Earthquakes, Hale-Bopp update, ET Vehicle on Earth's Moon, UFO Sighting near Winchester-UK, Buzz Aldrin's Encounter with Science Fiction, NASA & Anti-Gravity research, Avebury Conspiracy?

Crop Circle Update

A report from Ed Sherwood, of Millennium Research, on the 1996 Laguna Canyon formation.

The Olivers Castle Video

Paul Vigay Analyses the 'infamous' Olivers Castle Video Sequence.


The Circle-Makers

New Energy Devices


UFOs over Norfolk


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