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upEnigma Issue 11: Editorial
by Paul Vigay | 30th Oct 1996

Welcome to another bumper issue of Enigma. In fact, this issue I had so much material I had difficulties in judging what to leave out until the next issue, which I'm aiming to get out at the end of December.

In fact, in the New Year, I'm toying with the idea of making Enigma a bi-monthly journal, as there is an enormous amount of material now becoming available. The winter months are usually fairly quiet, but things this year are more hectic than ever.

This time last year people were saying that they 'felt' as if something was about to happen. Something major. Well, nothing did occur during 1996, but I certainly still believe that things are building up and we may see major changes occurring during 1997.

Not only has there been a record number of sightings, military personnel coming forward claiming sightings and general heightened awareness of the UFO subject, but a number of official announcements have also been made - all helping to prepare the population for the final revelations - That we are not alone.

The biggest thing that puzzled me was the timing of the official announcement that NASA had discovered minute signs of life, buried inside an ancient meteorite from Mars. This has been known about for some years, unofficially, yet NASA chose to announce the discovery only two days before the release of Independence Day, one of the biggest films of the year.

Independence Day, unfortunately, portrayed the aliens in a negative light, trying to destroy Earth. The UFO researchers were generally portrayed either as weirdo's camping on top of a building (no comments please...) or drunken abductees. Of course, in the end the President makes an emotional speech and the US saves the world from destruction.

When released in the US, the only cheer from cinema audiences was when the aliens blasted the Whitehouse into dust!
Another interesting occurrence linked to the release of Independence Day was that there was a 17 state power outage in the US on the day it was released. This is equivalent to an area much bigger than the entire UK having a power cut.

A faulty circuit in a power station was blamed for the problem. Surely, this wouldn't cause such widespread power supply problems. A sign maybe? Who Knows?

The other big event of the year was the showing of a video allegedly showing a crop circle forming at Oliver's Castle. My full analysis in on page 18. However, I remain convinced that it is a hoax. Why though?

The hoaxers are no doubt dismayed at the amount of positive media coverage this year, almost to the level it was in 1990/91 before the Doug and Dave disinformation campaign. What better way than to try and set up crop circle researchers with a hoax video. Wait until everyone has said how wonderful it was, and then come forward and state how they did it. It backfired on them though, as researchers rapidly analysed the video and came to the general conclusion that it was faked.

A few die-hard believers still remain convinced that it is genuine, but unfortunately lack the scientific reasoning to back up their argument. Sure we would like it to be genuine, but we must still remain rational and perform adequate analysis.

No doubt, in true Alien Autopsy style, the discussion will last long into the winter months. If new discoveries or developments come to light, you can be sure that I will report them to Enigma readers as I am lucky enough to be in the forefront of research regarding the "OC video".

This issue also sees a comprehensive index to the previous ten issues (in addition to this one) and will hopefully allow people to quickly find a reference to a particular article. Of course, it will also let those new subscribers see what they've been missing in previous issues. Don't worry though because a small number of back issues are still available.

If you do want back issues, I would urge you to order them as soon as possible because I'm not sure if it would be financially viable to re-print small numbers of copies.

I am still looking for people to write articles on any subject they think may be of interest to Enigma readers, especially if you have expertise in a specific field and can offer beneficial insights from realms of your knowledge.

Please send any articles to the editorial address (on page 35) or email them to me.

If sending articles, I would prefer them to be on 3" floppy disc, either in Acorn, PC or Mac format. I can read any Acorn WP format, together with Word Perfect, Word for Windows and AmiPro format for Windows.

Don't forget that Enigma is now available on the Internet by pointing your browser software to http://www.cropcircleresearch.com

The latest research will also appear there, should anything major occur in between published issues.

Lastly, I would like to wish all readers a wonderful and relaxing Christmas, and I look forward to sharing more research with you in issue 12.


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