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upEnigma Issue 10: Inanna Returns Armed
by Steve Canada, part 3 | Summer 1996

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There is a way to decipher the meaning of the whole July 11, 1990 linear formation. Only three symbols need to be identified; (1) 3-fingered projection is "Marduk's lightening weapon," a weapon referred to in ancient texts as one used to devastating effect in fierce battles fought in the prehistoric Mesopotamia region; see Sitchin's books. (2) the ancient Sumerian writing "multiply" sign of ; and (3) a ringed circle as the symbol for the planet Nibiru, origin of the ancient rulers of whom the Sumerians wrote.

The Alton Barnes linear complex can be read in both directions. Each reading yields essentially the same statement. Note that only two prepositions need to be added in each reading direction. In the first reading the phrase "draws closer" comes from the graphic metaphor of the increased area of three circles at the end of the formation; see radii ratios and gravitational acceleration note below.

  1. read left-to-right:
    "Draws closer Marduk's lightening weapon multiplied (on) Nibiru (for) Inanna's descent."
  2. read right-to-left:
    "Inanna descends (from) Nibiru (with) multiplied Marduk's lightening weapon(s)."

The graphic depiction of acceleration is represented in the three circles at the one end of the figure; the largest and 3rd circle from the end has the 3-fingered projection attached. The rate of increase in area of the smallest circle compared to the largest circle is of the same order of gravitational acceleration of a body in orbit. Nibiru, with its highly elongated orbit around the sun, an orbit that has been compared to a comet's, would have a long period of acceleration as it approaches the sun, and correspondingly a long period of declination as it recedes from the vicinity of the asteroid belt (the region of its closest approach to the sun).

The area of a circle is pr2. The circles' diameter ratios are 2 : 4.5 : 8.5; so the radii ratios are the same, but can be expressed in units as 1 : 2.25 : 4.25. While this does not indicate an exponential increase, it does point to an acceleration increase in either an approach (a coming closer) or potential (growth in power or kinetic energy).


Major Premise:
Mars Cydonia region structures are connected and related to crop circles by way of the same mathematical constants, such as e/p and angle 19.5.

Minor Premise:
Crop circles are connected to UFOs by way of visual evidence detected linking them closely in time and space (eyewitnesses, photos, and videos).

Therefore there exists a link and connection between UFOs and the Mars Cydonia region artificial structures.

* Symbols of Nibiru identify the origin of the circlemakers. Since crop circles are the common element distributed as the middle of the syllogism, then Nibiru is also the source of UFOs and the Mars Cydonia region artificial structures.

The nonhuman communication artifacts of crop circles contain various ancient symbols for the 10th planet of the solar system, Nibiru, thus identifying the origin of the circlemakers.

The nonhuman craft, UFOs are closely associated with (by way of eyewitnesses, photos, and videos) crop circles, are seen and recorded in close proximity.

Therefore UFOs also have the same origin of the circlemakers, Nibiru.

The nonhuman constructions in the Mars Cydonia region have some of the same mathematical constants as the nonhuman constructions of the crop circles.

UFOs (nonhuman craft) are seen, photographed and videotaped in close proximity in space and time to crop formations.

Therefore the Mars artificial structures and UFOs are closely related as to their source.

The nonhuman artifacts of crop circles contain various ancient symbols for the 10th planet of the solar system, known to the Sumerians as Nibiru ("Place of Crossing"): thus identifying the origin of the circlemakers/designers. (See Z.Sitchin, 1978).

The same mathematical constants exist in the crop circles as exist among the Mars Cydonia region's nonhuman architectural structures. (See Hoagland, 1992).

Therefore the origin of the crop circles and the Mars structures is the same, i.e., Nibiru.

I think there is now enough good evidence that enables us to construct a well-reasoned argument as to the source, the origin, of UFOs. Identifying WHERE UFOs are from will go a long way in solving the resistant mystery of these alien craft. By inference we can, of course, as a consequence, also identify WHO is responsible for these advanced machines which are based on technology with which we are not familiar.

Neither physically nor intellectually do these crop circles and pictograms give signs of being of human origin.

At least one mathematical constant, e/p, 0.865, is found in two artificial sets of artifacts NOT made by humans (crop circles and Mars Cydonia region structures), separated by tens of millions of miles (distance between Earth and Mars) and about half a million years (according to Hoagland, 1992). The correlation in space and time between UFO sightings and the appearance of crop circles in England has been documented through eyewitness testimony (e.g., large disc craft below cloud cover shot blue beam at angle down to ground, where later was found a pictogram; see Delgado & Andrews, 1989, p.115), laboratory examined photos (small disc at center of a circle caught on film; photo reproduced in Delgado & Andrews, p.92), and videos of small, globe-like light source roaming above, through, over and around crop pictograms (e.g. videotaped by two vacationing German students, with exclaiming, daytime crowd nearby; video is available commercially).

My thesis is that since the symbols used consistently in the crop circles (crosses, etc) identify where the circle designers are from (Nibiru, 10th planet of the solar system; see NASA press releases #32 and 33 of 1987), who they are (ancient visitors to and rulers of Earth; see Z.Sitchin), and why they are returning to Earth, and since these formations are associated with another nonhuman set of artifacts (UFOs), we then have a key clue as to the origin of UFOs. We also can explain, by way of abstract measurement properties (e/p, and 19.5) of the crop formations and the Mars Cydonia architecture, the source of that set of constructed artifacts on MARS - such as the Face, "The City", and the "D&M Pyramid" (see Hoagland). Thus all three phenomena have the same source.

What are the possibilities that this set of constants and correlated relationships among these three, much less nonhuman, separate phenomena are due strictly to chance?

Richard Hoagland's research team has calculated that there is "less than one chance in a trillion trillion that the objects clustered on the Cydonia Mars plain "are there by accident!" (1992, p.231).

That the same mathematical constants should be exhibited in the Martian structures and among some crop formations, both artificial phenomena separated by great, interplanetary distances and about three hundred millennia, adds another factor of improbability to our findings.

That another artificial and nonhuman phenomenon (UFOs) should be closely associated in close proximity to the appearance of one of the above phenomena (crop formations) adds even another exponent to our rapidly shrinking chance that these three phenomena are related to each other by accident. As a rough approximation I would say that the chance is about a hundred trillion cubed, (10 x 1013)3, to one.

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