Enigma Journal: Issue 10 Contents
Enigma Issue 10: Summer 1996

Cosmic Coincidence or a Message from the Circle-Makers

Paul Vigay investigates the link between the Longwood Warren crop formation of 1995 and the Hale Bopp comet.

Crop Circle Meanings

Understanding the Symbols. Part 3 of Steve Canada's thought-provoking article discusses a new theory on crop circles.

Military Harassment at Alton Barnes

A frightening account of military interest in crop circles.

Harmonic Research

Another look at my own research into music and harmonics, by Paul Vigay

Balls of Light, UFOs or ... Merkabas

An examination of 'light anomalies' in a Cambridgeshire crop formation.

Crop Circle update

An update of crop circle reports from the 1996 season.