Enigma Journal: Cosmic Coincidence or a message from the Circle Makers
Enigma Issue 10: Summer 1996
A link between the Longwood Warren crop formation of 1995, our Solar System and comet Bale Bopp.

As revealed in the last issue, much research has been going on into the Longwood Warren crop formation of 1995. Many researchers, myself included, believe that this formation may be an indicator of some possible time in our future, when the planets of our Solar System may in reality, be lined up in the positions indicated by the crop formation.

Simulating the Solar System
Using a high powered computer system I set to simulating the movement of the Solar System through time. Having discovered five dates on a 67.6 year cycle (see Enigma 9), I showed my results to Colin Andrews of CPR and Gerald Hawkins, the author of Stonehenge Decoded and originator of the Diatonic theories of crop formations.

Date of Alignment!
Colin pointed out that Gerald had also discovered a date in 1971 when the planets would also be in the same alignment as shown in the crops at Longwood Warren. I consulted Gerald about this to find more information; the date in question being July 11th 1971.

Gerald replied via email saying he had discovered two other dates where the planets also fell into alignment. These being November 6th 1903 and March 15th 2039. Further analysing these dates gives a separation of, wait for it, 24719 days.

24718 day cycle
This is remarkably close to the cycle of 24718 days I had previously discovered, and in fact allowing for slight inaccuracies in the data one day does not make an enormous difference when working to the scale of the Solar System.
When Colin had first mentioned to me the date in 1971, I had initially thought that it could form part of the cycle I had already discovered, thus making it a shorter cycle, fitting in with the 1898, 1965, 2033... dates I had already discovered (Enigma 9). Using the computer I calculated that the number of days between December 28th 1965 and July 11th 1971 was 2021 days.

Testing the Theory
Working on this I assumed that another alignment may occur 2021 days after July 11th 1971, giving 21st January 1977. Unfortunately, there was no such alignment on this date so my theory was incorrect.
However, given Gerald Hawkins dates, it now became apparent that there was in fact two separate 67.6 year cycles running. One including July 11th 1971 and the other containing December 28th 1965. I set out calculating a graph of these two cycles to see what else I could discover.

Testing Thoth
Of course, as things were now getting interesting, I needed to make sure that my original measurements and figures were as accurate as possible so as to keep cumulative errors in the mathematics to a minimum. This would be the first test of my new computer software called Thoth (see Enigma 9).
Using Thoth, I was able to load an aerial photograph of the Longwood Warren formation into the computer and then compensate for the angle of the camera and plane. By providing some of my original ground measurements as reference points, Thoth corrected for the camera angle. I could read off the bearings for any part of the formation I required, simply by moving a pointer around the computer screen.

Compensated Angles
I was thus able to find the correct angles of the planets in the crop formation (see figure 1). From the diagram I was able to see that Mercury was positioned 88 off north. Venus 202.7 and Mars 336 from north. I now had enough data from the crop formation to begin my search of planetary positions.


Planetary Positions
Using a computer astronomy program I started plotting planetary positions from 1800 until the present day, and then into the future.
This was a lengthy process, as I didn't want to miss out anything. I basically accelerated space-time on the computer so that for every second I sat and watched the program, the computer thought a week had passed in terms of planetary orbits. All I had to do was hit the stop button when the planets looked like they were in the right positions.

Cycles out of Phase
Having verified all the possible dates of alignments, I then started analysing the actual time periods involved. As the two sets of dates all seemed to lie on a 24718/9 day cycle, I merely had to find out by how much the two cycles were out of phase with one another.
This I did, by selecting a date from each cycle and measuring the distance between them. Using the calculations earlier, I had already discovered that the cycles were 2021 days out of phase with each other, so all I needed to do was plot a graph to see what this looked like visually. (fig.2)
The diagram shows the two cycles, plotted over an 80,000 day period.


The set of dates I discovered in Enigma 9 are shown as the light plot and the new dates supplied by Gerald Hawkins all lie on the dark plot, or the one shifted to the right.

Looking for other Links
When I first realised that the two cycles were slightly out of phase with each other, I immediately thought of the new 'East Field' formation of this year. Although, it had been likened to a DNA double-helix, it's actually inaccurate from a biological point of view, and it was my 'hunch' all along that the answer lay in particle physics. It looked more like an interference wave pattern or harmonic than DNA.
Unfortunately, the graph of the planetary cycles is clearly not out of phase enough to represent the East Field formation, so was there any meaningful information to be gained from this analysis? or was it all simply an interesting coincidence and mathematical exercise?

Making a Prediction
On taking a second look at the graphs, you can see that they cross one another at certain points at the top and bottom of their cycles. I began wondering if perhaps this was a significant date. If nothing else, it would enable me to make a prediction of some future date when something may or may not occur.
Of course, sceptics would say this is wishful thinking, but I'd be kicking myself if something momentous occurred on this date in the future and I said, "Oh I predicted that in 1996". No one would believe me, so I publish this information, merely to share information in case something should occur.
The graph in figure 2 was slightly too small in order to directly read off the required cross-over dates, so I got the computer to 'zoom' in and produce the diagram in figure 3.


This allowed me to find that cross-over would occur at 36066 days into a cycle. As each cycle was 24718 days long, this was (36066-24718) = 13358 days further in the first cycle. All I now needed to find a date was to add 13358 days onto each date in the first cycle (the dates 1898, 1967, 2033 etc).

The 'Magical' date!
Looking at the one closest to 1996, where we are now, I added 13358 days to December 28th 1965. This produces the date 25th July 2002. If anything major occurs on this date, you read it first in Enigma!!
You can work out other dates yourself, by adding 13358 days to the dates given in Enigma 9.
By this point, sceptics are probably wondering why on earth I spend my time playing around with mathematics, when most of us didn't like the subject at school....

What does it mean?
Well, for a start I have an enquiring mind, and secondly, an idle mind gains no knowledge. Even if these results are mere 'interesting' facts, I feel that I've learnt a bit more knowledge as a result of the crop circles - and after all, I believe the crop circles are here to teach us something.

What are they trying to tell us?
However, having worked out these dates, when the real planets in our Solar System would match those positions given by the crop formation, I sat and pondered if there was anything else the circle makes were trying to tell us....
This ultimately led me to the following major discovery, revealed for the first time to Enigma readers:-

New Research

There has been much talk during recent months of a large comet heading towards the Earth. Comet Hale-Bopp is currently beyond Mars on it's inward journey towards the sun. It will pass closest to the Earth during the spring of 1997.
There have been many rumours about Hale-Bopp, ranging from it's collision with the Earth to it being some enormous alien mother ship. Whilst I disagree with both of these claims, it is nonetheless an interesting object to observe.

Cosmic Journey
What if you were sitting on Hale-Bopp, looking towards the Sun on your journey through the Solar System? Would you possibly see the view depicted by the Longwood Warren crop formation at some point on your journey?
This, rather far-fetched idea, had me pondering enough to run a computer simulation to examine the possibility of such an event. After all, it's pretty difficult to obtain a three planet alignment, such as that shown by the previous 67 year cycles. It would be even harder to match three planets from a fast moving comet - something which itself is moving on a hugely elliptical trajectory.
Again, using a computer simulation I positioned myself aboard Hale-Bopp and began my 'tour' of the Solar System. Moving at a rate of seven days every second, I watched the stars and planets change positions on the computer screen (for those who are going, I hope to demonstrate these techniques at the Cardiff Supernormal Research Conference on 20th/21st July 1996).

Taking Snap-Shots of the View
Every so often I thought I saw a planetary alignment, so quickly took a 'snap-shot' of the computer screen and loaded it into my Thoth program to check the angular alignments. None seemed to match exactly. A date which came close was 23rd March 1998 when Mercury and Mars were perfectly aligned at their 88 and 336 respective positions, but Venus was at 176 - some 26 out. Not good enough!
Another close match occurs on 27th February 2000 when, again Mercury and Mars are perfectly aligned but this time Venus is at 216; 14 out the other way. Still not good enough!
At this point, some hours after I first started, I began to think that this was a pointless exercise and that it was worse than looking for a needle in a haystack, or rather a needle in the Solar System!
However, I decided to persevere for a little while because Hale-Bopp was now on it's way out of the Solar System and presumably if a match didn't occur soon, one wouldn't occur at all.

The Alignment....
To my surprise, and amazement, the next time the planets looked roughly in alignment and I dropped the 'snap-shot' into Thoth, a match looked likely. I zoomed the image up so that I could gain precise measurements - to several decimal places.
Low and behold, Mercury, Venus and Mars were all exactly aligned to the Longwood Warren crop formation with an accuracy of 0.1 (fig.4). This in itself was pretty amazing when you consider the sheer scale of the Solar System.


The Millennium Comet
So? What date will this fantastic alignment occur on? This is where I had my next surprise. Hale-Bopp has been termed, by numerous people, as 'the millennium comet'. The day when, if you were sitting on Hale-Bopp, looking towards our sun, all the planets would be aligned exactly as in the Longwood Warren crop formation is the 1st January 2001 - at 6:48am.
This is the first day of the first month of the first year in the new millennium.
01/01/01 if you write the date in shorthand. Coincidence or Cosmic prediction? I'll let you decide. Again, if anything occurs on this date, you read it first in Enigma.