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upEnigma Issue 1: UFO Sighting - Horndean, Aug 1991
by Mavis Vigay | 22nd August 1991

The following photographic report was submitted by my mother, Mrs Mavis Vigay;

"On the evening of August 22nd 1991 I held a party in 'Celebration of the living Earth' in which my friends and I did circle dancing in the garden. During one of the dances after dark, one of my friends suddenly saw a light shoot through the apple tree nearby. "Did you see that?" she exclaimed, but no one else had noticed.

My husband took several flash-light photographs of the dancing and when the prints came back we saw that in one of them was a round white object above the dancers. (It was similar to the objects that have appeared over the crop circles and during the first flight of Concorde, as seen in the video film, Crop Circle Communique'). My husband examined the negatives for dust or other faults but there were none. What was on the negative was the result of an object having been photographed. The incident of a light being seen by someone at the time had been temporarily forgotten. On pondering over the object in the photograph we wondered if this had been the cause. Perhaps the concentration of thought about Gaia had had something to do with it!"

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