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upEnigma Issue 1: Film Review - Fire in the Sky (15)
reviewed by Andy Hillis | Summer 1993

On general release from June 18th, Fire in the Sky tells the true story of Travis Walton's alleged abduction by aliens.
The event took place in an Arizona forest in November 1975 and has taken almost 18 years to bring to the silver screen.

At the end of a day's work in the forest, Travis (played by DB Sweeney) and his fellow workmates on their journey back home are startled by a fiery glow amongst the trees and promptly go to investigate the strange phenomenon. Inevitably Walton indulges his curiosity and abandons the relative safety of the truck as his friends try in vain to call him back.

Then, unexpectantly as Walton recovers from his stupor and turns to return to the truck, he is struck down by a power beam from the alien craft above him, his friends believing he's dead and fearing for their own lives take off and abandon him.

From then on the film concerns Walton's friends and their attempts to convince the disbelieving authorities and in particular a state investigator played by James 'Rockford Files' Garner who suspects their story has been contrived to cover up a murder.

Walton eventually reappears five days after his abduction and recalls events that took place on an alien spacecraft.

Full credit to director Robert Liberman for transcribing Travis Walton's experience to a full length film with the minimum of hollywood gloss, combined with good special effects, and in addition solid, convincing, unpretentious performances from the actors.

A few unpleasant scenes but no sex, or violence and a minimum of swearing but other than that I would recommend this film to anyone who is interested in true encounters with extra-terrestrials. A must see.


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