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upEnigma Issue 1: Astral Projection?
by an Enigma subscriber | Summer 1993

Out-of-body experience, or OOBE may be defined as an experience in which a person seems to perceive the world from a location outside his or her physical body. OOBEs have been reported from people of all ages and cultures, by old and young, educated and uneducated and those who have prior beliefs about OOBEs and those who know nothing about them. The following account may or may not be put down to an OOBE. Either way, it is a fascinating report.

"I had arranged to baby sit for some people who lived about three roads away from me. As it was New Years Eve it was going to be a long session so my husband had agreed to take over from me at midnight.

Once home I went to bed, wishing that my husband and I could have been together for New Year. I soon went to sleep and slept soundly until I awoke suddenly at 1am. Looking up I saw my husband standing in front of the wardrobe. My first thought was "Oh, you have come back at last", but in the second that I looked at him he disappeared from the feet up in a kind of flame-like shimmering.

I shot out of bed in terror and ran as fast as I could downstairs. Grabbing my coat and putting on my long winter boots I opened the front door wide and stood on the doorstep not knowing what to do. On the doorstep of the house opposite, a neighbour's daughter and her boyfriend were embracing and looked across at me, probably thinking that I was very inquisitive!

After a few moments I walked back along the hall, leaving the front door wide open. I went into the dining room and sat in a chair. I felt very cold with the doors open and the night air coming in. I was so frightened that I did not even have the presence of mind to switch on the electric fire. I just sat there shivering, not daring to go back upstairs to the bedroom and not wishing to close the doors in case I needed to make a quick departure from the house.

I kept thinking that it would not be long before my husband returned home but the time dragged on and it was after 3am before he returned. He was very surprised to find the front door open and me sitting downstairs with no fire on.

When I told him of my frightening experience he pondered about it, then said that at the time I had awoken and thought I had seen him, he had been thinking about me, wishing that he could have been with me and then dozed for a short time. At that point he may have had an out-of-body experience and perhaps what I saw for a few seconds was his astral body."

Have you had a similar experience? I.R.C.U.P are always interested to hear people's own experiences, either confidentially, or to share with others.


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