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upEnigma Issue 1: A Glimpse of the Afterlife?
by an Enigma subscriber | Summer 1993

Several years ago I had some very vivid dreams concerning my father who had died a few months previously. The first of these dreams was very strange, as my husband had also experienced a similar dream the very same night. Wanting to enquire further, I told a psychic about them, to which re replied that he thought they were real experiences and not ordinary dreams; "Their purpose was to comfort me in my grief", which they did.

The first dream occurred six months after my father's death and concerned my husband, my mother and myself visiting my father - wherever he was. He looked very healthy and sun-tanned and was standing by a wall in a beautiful spacious garden, like that of a stately home. He seemed pleased with some electrical gadget he had made, which he showed to us, resting it upon the garden wall. We seemed to communicate with each other, although no actual words were spoken. All the time, I looked at him in awe thinking to myself, "He is dead so this must be his astral body". This thought was dominant in my mind and I kept thinking it.

When I awoke I told my husband about the dream and to my surprise he said that he had also dreamt about Dad, who was in a garden, but could not remember any more. His dream was not as vivid as mine.

I did not like to mention this dream to my mother straight away and about a fortnight passed before I did. She was very interested and said that she had also dreamt about my father but, unfortunately, could not remember which night.

My husband and I think that this was more than a dream and that we actually did visit my father through some kind of 'out-of-body experience'.

Two things particularly struck me about this dream. One was that I realised that I must be seeing my father's astral body, the other that he had been making a 'down to earth' gadget, not the kind of thing I expected one to do in the life hereafter!

A few months passed before I had another dream, in which I met my father in the kitchen of his previous home. He was wearing his red dressing gown which was familiar to me. We spoke to one another and I heard his voice clearly. I asked him how he was and he told me that he still had a pain in his head. (He had suffered a stroke which had led to his death). I was surprised about this continuing pain, as was he, as he did not think that he would have any pain where he was.

I later told the psychic about this concern about the pain, and that I thought pain and discomfort ended with death. He then gave the following explanation:

Often a person takes with them the conditions with which they are familiar. At first they might not realise that they no longer have to feel pain. These earthly conditions may continue to persist until full realisation of their new state.

I then asked the psychic why it was that I saw my father in his old home and not in his more recent one, to which he replied that the old home was the place associated with more memories of the past. This being a possible explanation.

I had three more vivid dreams in which I saw my father and I had the feeling that he was happy and well wherever he was.


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