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Enigma Issue 9: Contents

Summer 1996

 · Pauls regular editorial comment.

Crop Circle Meanings
 · Understanding the Symbols. Part 2 of Steve Canada's thought-provoking article discusses a new theory on crop circles.

El Chupacabras
 · Bob Buck investigates this 'Terror of Puerto Rico', and finds that there is more than meets the eye.

1996 Crop Circle Update
 · A roundup of the 1996 crop circle season.

Natural Sizes
 · An article by Ray Tomes.

Crop Circle Research Findings
 · A look at the 'missing Earth' formation which appeared at Longwood Warren in 1995. Analysing this formation from a mathematical and astronomical perspective taught me some interesting aspects of 3D trigonometry and computer analysis of crop formations. It also served as a valuable test-bed for some computer analysis software I've been developing. It also revealed some very fascinating 'coincidences'....

A Major Breakthrough in Crop Circle Research
 · The development of some powerful, custom designed computer software vastly improves the accuracy of crop circle analysis as well as cutting down the time spent surveying formations on the ground.

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