Crop Circle Field Report: us00ae Author: Carol Pederson
   Date: 7th Aug 2000
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This is an official report of a new crop circle in Oregon, USA

DISCOVERY DATE: August 5, 2000, Saturday.
Pilot Michael Salisbury, Portland, Oregon. He was flying over the field and noticed the formation. It was not there two weeks ago when he flew over the field.

A 481-foot circular formation. Three 62-foot circles (not touching each other) arranged in a triangle shape surrounded by a three-scallop edged pathway about 4-foot wide. The edge of each circle intersected at a scallop edge indentation inward. The lay was all counter-clockwise in the outer path and in each circle. There were no pathways to or from the formation other than the one made by us.

(Approximate) LONGITUDE: 122 W 48 LATITUDE: 45 N 10

CROP: Wheat, very mature, very dry and brittle. Sparsely sown field, lots of bare earth spots. Remnants of cut off and blackened corn stalks from a previous year visible on the ground. Oats intermitently growing among the wheat and some weeds. Field probably planted for cow feed. Some stalks broken off but not cut. Most of them still attached to the ground and swirled around. Lots of individual stalks standing between downed mass. No split or exploded nodes found. Several expanded nodes found. Noticed no wheat heads with seeds spilled out. Did not appear that anyone else had walked on it. Noticed one spray going in opposite direction from the mass. The intersections of the circles with the scalloped edge in two instances were peculiar, with the pathway arching to inside the circle and swirling around it ending at the other side, the pathway then continued around the outer edge. In the third circle this was not so and the path continued along the edge without going inside a circle, however there was a pretty spray effect at that point.

State of Oregon, USA. Clackamas County, Whiskey Hill Road near Hubbard, Oregon. No compass direction taken. Formation was not visible from the road, only from the air. This field is the same field in which the Whiskey Hill formation of l998 appeared, the one which looked like a musical note or design. The present circular formation appeared a short distance to the southeast of the l998 design. This field has a double pair of power lines, one metal and one wood, running through the field. Both formations appeared near but not directly under one of these. Whiskey Hill is about a half hour drive south of Portland, the largest city in Oregon.

Carol Pedersen and Keith Ardinger, both CCCS/BLT.
A few samples taken for interest but no sampling done for BLT.

Aerial photos and ground photos were taken. Keith took a video of the formation aerial and on the ground. Mike Salisbury also took aerial photos.

The field is owned by Doug Aamodt of the Aamodt Dairy, Inc., 31250 S. Bond St., Hubbard, Oregon. Phone: 651-3883 and 651-2420. After Mike called me Saturday, August 5 that he had discovered the circle, I called the farmer to ask if we could go in to research. The farmer was not aware of the formation in his field and was concerned that people would overwhelm the field as happened in l998. When I asked if we could go in he said he couldn't stop me, but I told him that I certainly would not go in without permission so he thought it over and still denied permission to enter. He also said that he felt all the circles were man-made by planks and boards because he had seen the recent Discovery Channel Show. He said he was planning to cut it down Monday anyway. This was all very disappointing but it shows the power of the media to influence people's minds about the formations.

The next day, yesterday Sunday, Keith and I met with Mike Salisbury and his wife Julie at the Aurora airport and Mike took us both up over the field in his airplane. After that I decided to drive over to the farmer's residence and personally ask him if he would relent and let us in since there was no media involvement and no one else would know of the circle and it would be cut down anyway Monday. The farmer was not home when we got there, but his brother who operates the Dairy with him was there and we explained our situation and request and he did give us permission to go into look at the formation. So we drove over at about 4:30 pm and stayed until about 5:30 pm.

About 85 degrees. No rain for quite some time.

As stated above this field is exceptional because if is where two series of power lines, one metal and one wood, converge. There was a field of corn on the east and a weed field on the west. The field is located in the highly populated farm country of the Willamette Valley along a well travelled road, but the field itself is in somewhat of a depression so the formation could not be seen from the road.

Keith and I walked around, observed no other pathways in or out of the formation, and then took photos, measured, made a diagram, observed directional flows of the downed crop, etc. Keith made a video.

No samples for BLT taken. Stayed about an hour. Keith used a wheeled measuring device which made measuring a snap and saved time. We noticed no camera or watch battery problems. I am going to send Michael Newark of England CCCS some wheat head sample for him to look at using his dowsing techniques.

When I first went in I walked along the outer pathway and entered each circle as I came to it. Along the way I felt dizzy several times. When we started to measure I began feeling a little sick but stuck with it. We started across one circle and reached the intersection of the north most circle with it's outer pathway and I told Keith I wasn't feeling so good and he told me to sit down for a while. I kept on and then started blacking out and really feeling sick. I knew if I stayed longer I would pass out completely and Keith would be left with a body there not knowing how long I would be out. So, I told him I had to leave the circle without completing the measuring and immediately (dizzily) picked up my bag and walked along the outer path out towards the weed field toward the van. Some of the wheat stalks in my bag fell out along the way because I wasn't paying attention in my need to get out quickly. I had an imperative need to get out of there. This is all very pecuilar because I am very thorough and NEVER give up my work until I am done and yet this time I just felt compelled to get out and fast. When I got to the van I put my head down on the hood and rested. What an experience!! I do not attribute this experience to the heat of the day, it was only 85 high that day and it was about 5:30 anyway at that time. I am used to working in the heat, Keith and I spent about 8 hours in l00 degree heat in Eltopia researching that formation and I had just come back last week from Boise, Idaho where I walked around a Basque Festival for three days in about l00 degree heat. So I attribute this experience to residual energy of this formation and that it affected me negatively. Keith came to see how I was at the van, and then he offered to go back in to finish measuring. I told him I was not going back in. As for Keith, he started the day with a back problem and while in the circle he told me his back was now considerably better. Since Mike had said the formation was not there two weeks ago that means that it is a fairly recent one and so residual energy might very well be the cause of my reactions. This is a major reason why I feel this circle is genuine.

Since there will be no laboratory testing there won't be a scientific report to offer whether there is any evidence of microscopic plant changes. Some of the stalks were easily broken off and some looked like they had been broken off but no evidence of cutting was observed. More stalks seemed to have been cracked or broken near the ground than bent and not broken but the crop was extremely brittle and dry. No evidence of spilled seeds on the ground. Weeds were growing in the downed mass along with the wheat. However, we saw no evidence of exploded nodes. The formation did not look like it had been walked on. There were no pathways in or out. It was in a depression in the field. It was not observable except from the air. It was at the most two weeks old. The farmer was unaware of it. No one else had seen it except for another liesure pilot Mike talked to and they dismissed it as people made because they also had seen the Discovery Program. It was never reported to the media. No one claimed making it. It was in the same field filled with electrical power lines where a previous and major formation appeared in l998. I had a severe physical reaction while in it which caused me to leave. Weighing this information at this point to me the indications are that this is a genuine formation.

Diagram will follow.

This is the first formation reported from Oregon this year.

This report submited August 7, 2000 by Carol Pedersen, CCCS/BLT Oregon Rep.

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