Crop Circle Field Report: uk00dn Author: Paul Vigay
   Date: 7th Aug 2000
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Cherhill formation, 2000 (uk00dn)

OS Ref. SU 042708
Date of creation: 5/6th August 2000
Date of survey: 7th August 2000 (2.30pm)

This is an interesting formation, based upon 11 fold geometry. Indeed, the construction method is similar to the Avebury Trusloe ('magnetic field') formation (uk00co).

However, our survey team also discovered some interesting anomalies, indicating an energy line passing through the formation and a possible link to nearby radio masts.

First we shall look at the construction method. Each of the following diagrams shows a step in the likely construction method.

Step 1

The first step involves creating the outer circle. Then mark 11 points at equal distances around the circumference. This can be calculated at 32.7 from the centre point.

Step 2

Once you have the outer points marked out, you can draw a line from each point to it's next-door but one neighbour - in other words, join every other point by a line.

Step 3

Continue by repeating the step above but join up every fourth point (the red lines in the diagram).

Step 4

Continue by repeating the step above but join up every fifth point (the green lines in the diagram).

Step 5

Continue by repeating the step above but join up every sixth point (the yellow lines in the diagram).

Step 6

The final step is to fill in alternating intersected areas. The actual design is much less elaborate than the Avebury Trusloe formation, but I can't help feeling that there is a link in some way.

This formation contained an interesting energy. The surveying team consisted of myself, Cathy Smiles and Freddy Silva. Freddy dowsed the formation prior to entering, but found that the formation was negative to him so he couldn't enter the actual formation. On approaching the formation, Cathy felt that there was a link with the West Stowell (Knap Hill) formation. On entering the formation, the energy she picked up felt chaotic and not at all harmonious. I conducted some further experiments using my electromagnetic monitoring equipment.

On walking around the perimeter of the formation I found an area of radio interference. This was strong enough to make my RF detector emit a localised buzzing noise within an area of the formation approx 4' along the eastern edge of the formation. On closer inspection, two very thin paths of flattened stalks were seen leaving the edge of the formation (see photo, left).

The photo on the right shows a closer view of the fine path leaving the formation. This extended some 10' out into the field. On carrying out further readings a strong band of increased background frequency (of around 650MHz) was detected from this point, running across the formation. The normal (background) RF reading in the formation was approx 200MHz. This would seem to indicate a ley line or earth energy line running in an east/west direction, passing through the formation (a couple of feet to the right of the centre).

Having discovered this 'feature' I then examined the other side of the formation to see if I could discover any 'signs' of the energy line there. Low and behold I discovered two slight indentations in the edge of the outer perimeter - almost as if something had lightly hit the edge of the formation, even though there are no inner paths corresponding to the geometry of the formation.

Photo showing slight distubance on the opposite (western) side of the formation

An additional finding I made concerned another band of radio interference running at approx 90 right angles to the 'energy line'. The frequency of this was exactly 1500.0000MHz and an interesting observation indicated that this signal pointed directly at some radio masts lying about a couple of miles to the southwest.

There were no signals detected at either 1500.0125MHz or 1499.9875MHz so it would indicate a very precise signal and might even be a military calibration transmission or something. This is subject to further investigation.

Here are some additional ground photos; (click on the thumbnails for larger images)

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