Crop Circle Field Report: uk00dg Author: Paul Vigay
   Date: 3rd Aug 2000
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A look at the Allington formation (uk00dg)

Some initial examinations of the Allington geometry

This formation appeared on the 1st August at Allington, between Stanton St.Bernard and Devizes in Wiltshire.

It gave no dowsable effects and there are a number of obvious errors in the construction - almost implying that the hoaxers were trying to replicate (or better) some of the other recent formations, such as the Avebury Trusloe 'magnetic field' formation.

Although I'm not publishing the entire analysis at this time, I've uploaded the following picture to show some of my current analysis.

Click on the thumbnail image to open a large scale diagram.

The full size image is 1280x1024 pixels and requires lots of colours. It's a direct screenshot from my computer drawing package saved as a GIF image and is 349K long.

Note the fatal mistake in the contruction.
Clue - examine the outer panels of standing crop, especially the bottom section - the hoaxers got their alternating flattened/standing bars out of sync!

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