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upClubs: The Southern Appalachia UFO Network (SAUN)
Submitted by Allen McGee - 6th May 2001

The Southern Appalachia UFO Network (SAUN) is one of several representative an Affiliate Member Organizations of The United States UFO Information and Research Center (USUFOIRC). We are a privately funded, not-for-profit organization specializing in the study and research of UFOs and Contact with their occupants.

Our group functions to provide support for persons professing to have had UFO sightings and personal contact with Extra and "Ultra" Terrestrial Beings believed to be otherworldly in origin and nature. We have meetings on a month basis.

Each year, in cooperation with the USUFOIRC, SAUN hosts an annual gathering of UFO enthusiasts, researchers, field investigators, and highly knowledgeable speakers at Roan Mountain State Park, in Roan Mountain, Tennessee in the United States of America. Details about the annual outdoor conference and skywatch, SAUN, and its sponsor the USUFOIRC can be found on our Website Main Directory at http://www.dreaman.org ...thanks for your time and attention!!!

For more information, please email us at dreaman@dreaman.org and thank you for your time and attention.


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