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In order to promote and further our understanding of mysteries, new sciences and spiritual awakenings, this page has been setup in order to help readers find a local group or society where they might meet like-minded people and attend local lectures and talks.

If you would like YOUR group or society indexed in this resource center, please email me approxmimately 800-1000 words (roughly equivalent to a page of typed A4) describing the history, aims and current purpose of your group. It should be worded in a way to introduce newcomers to your activities and events. However, should you wish to advertise your own events, please add them to the diary section linked to above.

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Please fill in and submit this form if you would like to advertise your own informal group or society. The only criteria is that it is a non-profit organisation. If you have a local group or have regular meetings for like-minded people to share ideas and views, then please feel free to contact me and I can setup a page to advertise your group.

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