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Join the CCDB - What are the benefits of signing up for a Researcher account?
Details and information on how you can obtain full access to our extensive online database and archives.

Maintaining this site takes a huge amount of time, effort and dedication in order to stay up to date and a become a useful resource center to everyone interested in the crop circle subject.
At present all research, investigations and travelling is paid for by myself. Although limited access is free of charge (standard guest accounts), the running costs of this site have become prohibitive so it has to be capable of paying for itself.
By signing up for a researcher account you not only help us maintain the quality, speed and lack of adverts this site offers but also gain the following benefits:-

Membership is currently £15 / $30 / €25 a year.

You can pay via PayPal and your membership will be personally approved within 48 hours (and generally much quicker).

Please remember to specify your existing username and password though, so that I can identify your account in order to upgrade it.

I strongly believe in the sharing of information for the good of mankind and the planet, so access to this database, website and mailing lists will remain free of charge. Guest members can still interrogate our database a limited number of times per day, thus finding out the latest information and details on new crop circles as well as access our archive listings.
I don't believe that information and knowledge should only be available to those who can afford it, so I hope that the compromise between 'light' and 'researcher' users suites everyone who wishes to access our information. I hope that anyone rich or poor, newcomer or experienced researcher, intrigued passer-by or academic scientist will find this web site interesting and informative. Thank you.

To sign-up and pay via PayPal, please click on the button below. You will then be taken to the secure PayPal web site from which you can enter the amount you would like to donate. You can pay by credit or debit card or PayPal cash transfer.

Payment is handled on my behalf by Digital Phenomena Ltd.

If you're already registered you can login here.

Amazon Wish List
Alternatively, if you don't wish to pay via PayPal you can order items from my Amazon Wish List. This is an easier way of making payments because it doesn't involve any money, and thus bank/conversion charges.
This is much like a barter system and the way it works is that each time I find a book or DVD I would like, I add it to my 'wish list' on Amazon. You can then order items from my list to the value of the sign up fee, and Amazon will post the items directly to me.

You can view my Amazon Wish List here

If ordering from my Amazon wish list, please contact me so that I know what the payment is for and can authorise your membership.

A note about Privacy and Security
We take privacy and security very seriously and no private information is ever held on database members. Indeed, as long as you provide a valid email address (to verify you're not an evil advertising spammer clogging up our server with junk mail), you can provide whatever information you want - even if your real name is Donald Duck.

To avoid lapsed accounts wasting space on our server, any accounts not accessed for more than 60 days will be automatically deleted. If this happens, simply sign up again. To prevent this happening, just remember to log in at least once every couple of months or so - or sign up for a full account.

If you have any concerns at all about privacy, please read our full privacy policy or feel free to email me directly.

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